So after watching Titanic for the first time I decided to drop my favourite list of romantic couples

Jack & Rose - Titanic

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When I watched the scene where Jack dies I cried a little, but when the last scene was showed where Rose was back at the ship with Jack and the passengers who didn't survive I cried so hard and I have been thinking about this movie all day. Their romance was great but it is so sad that it only lasted for like two days. We will never know if their relationship would have survived if they both lived.

Kat & Patrick - 10 Things I Hate About You

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Is this couple part of the enemies to lovers category, because I think it is. They hated each other so much and I love the fact they ended up together because they actually have so much in common.

William & Anna - Notting Hill

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I like to watch movies with characters that are about the same age as me. These two characters are thirty-something (I think) and but I love their story.

Stephen & Jane - The Theory Of Everything

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I definitely despise it when people cheat on each other in movies, but in this one, it felt okay for them to kinda do it. They were falling out of love, but their romance was great back at university and they still stayed great friends with each other.

Hazel & August - The Fault In Our Stars

the fault in our stars and ansel elgort image the fault in our stars, tfios, and augustus waters image
I loved this movie when I was 12 and I still love it dearly. Hazel and Gus make an amazing couple who have great chemistry.
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