Our souls have lived many many lives. We will continue to live many lives. I think if I've learned anything, I've learned to listen and trust my soul. If we've lived many lives and experiences why don't we trust ourselves enough to listen?

I always say your soul knows what to do. It is ok if you don't know how to listen or if you aren't in touch with your soul yet. Every soul is different, every journey is different. I was as fearful as it gets as a kid. Once I became fearless and let go of the stuff holding me back, that is when I became in touch with my soul. I even realized what my soul was trying to tell me when I was too scared to hear it.

Every one calls it their gut instinct or deep intuition when really its your higher self or your soul guiding you. You might not understand at first what it is trying to tell you but I assure you: Listen. Life is a journey, the best mystery movie you'll ever watch. If you have a guide to help you along the way why not listen to it and become in touch with it?

You must tune out little you, the meaningless mind, to be able to tune into your higher, truest self. The mindless chatter and belittling voice trying to drag you down is just fear, fear takes you nowhere. Remember that when you don't remember who to listen to.

Your soul knows guys!! All it takes is for you to trust it. And once you, watch how amazing your life will become! I hope this helps you in your journey! - ACE