Hi everyone. This is the first article in my new "Witchcraft 101" series where I'll be going over the basics of witchcraft for new witches or anyone interested. There will be more articles like this for herbs and things like that as well as articles about deities, types of witches, spells, etc. I hope you enjoy. Please feel free to message me if you have any questions and consider joining our discord server.

Note: Although the title says crystals. I'm also going to be including organic "crystals" like pearls and amber as well as metals such as pyrite and hematite.

| A |

Abaloneemotional balance, protection, peace, compassion, love, intuition, soothing
Amazoniteancestral energies and memories, unblocks emotions, inspires creativity
Amberpatience, wisdom, positivity, balancing,good luck, eliminates fear
Amethystself-control, sleep, stability, calming, healing, stress relief, balances mood
Amertinecalming, stress relieving, balancing, soothing, stimulates creativity
Ammoliteenhance wisdom, increase wealth, transform negative energy, bring harmony
Angelitetruth speaking, communication, psychic healing, tranquility, creativity, astral travel
Apatiteclears confusion, reduces irritability, expands knowledge, eases sorrow and apathy
Apophylliteovercoming insecurity, openness, honesty, introspection, relieves tension
Aquamarinerelieves stress, enhances bravery, calming, inspires truth and letting go
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| B |

Black Tourmalineself-confidence, diminishes fear, inspiration, compassion, tolerance, prosperity
Bloodstoneintuition, creativity, protection, cleansing, balancing, overcome anxiety
Blue Calcitesoothing, relaxing, calming, protective, clear communication, emotional connection
Blue Quartzpeace, expression, organization, self-discipline, creativity, releases fear
Brecciated Jaspermental clarity, strength, vitality, focus, stability, grounding
Bumblebee Jaspernew opportunities, accept change, increases self-esteem, decision making
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| C |

Carnelianjoy of courage, overcome fear, improve self-reliance, success, vitality, good luck
Cat’s Eyetransforms negative energy, optimism, generosity, confidence, creativity, kindness
Celestitepeace, harmony, calming, uplifting, meditation, brings love, eases pain, communication
Cherry Quartzlove, serenity, calm, peace, diffuses fear, jealousy, and anger, concentration
Chrysocollacleansing, opens psychic vision, self-awareness, inner balance, heals heartache
Chrysoprasepromotes joy & happiness, eases depression & anxiety, good fortune, prosperity
Citrineself-healing, inspiration, self-improvement, cleansing, creativity, energizing, positivity
Clear Quartzamplifying, concentration, memory, stimulating, enhance senses, cleansing
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| D |

Dragon’s Eyeconcentration, motivation, healing, meditation, reduces anxiety, eliminates fear
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| E |

Emeraldunity, friendship, unconditional love, loyalty, domestic bliss, freshness, vitality
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| F |

Fire Opalmoney, change, encourages progress, boosts self-confidence and self-esteem
Flintprotective, deflects negativity, grounding, promotes healing, eases anxiety & fear
Fluoriteneutralizes negative energy, self-confidence, concentration, balance, coordination
Fuchsiteemotional balance, tranquility, deepened sense of compassion and understanding
tattoo, crystal, and rainbow image pink, crystal, and stone image

| G |

Garnethigher thinking, self-improvement, abundance, gratitude, prosperity, strength, safety
Green Aventurineattracts luck, opportunity, abundance, protects the heart, attracts love
Green Opalcleansing, rejuvenating, prosperity, abundance, grounding, unburdening the heart
crystal, stone, and minerals image aesthetic, art, and beauty image

| H |

Hawk’s Eyegrounding, soothing, reduces stress, clarity, eases anxiety, calming
Hematitefocuses energy, balances emotions, boosts self-esteem, enhances willpower
Honey Calciteencourages responsibility & leadership, self-worth, confidence, courage
Howlitestrengthens memory, patience, calm communication, awareness, expression
Image by ❥ Bambi 🦌 🦊🍁🍂🧿 crystal image

| I |

Ioliteintrospection, wisdom, appreciation, visions, journeys, overcoming codependency
Iron Quartzpositive actions, abundance, energizing, vitaliy, grounding
Image by Shelby Rae Temporarily removed

| J |

Jadeserenity, purity, wisdom, tranquility, love, nurturing, harmony, good luck, friendship
Jetprotection, grounding, wards against evil, draws out negativity, relieves headaches
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| K |

Kambaba Jaspercalming, peace, reduces fear, increases courage & self-worth, inspiration
Kunziteunconditional love, abundant love, letting go of walls, joy, emotional growth
Kyanitecalming, dispels blockages, balancing, tranquility, promotes truth, psychic strength
crystals and aesthetic image кристаллы and эстетика image

| L |

Labradoritecompanionship, intuition, promotes psychic abilities, truth, reflection, balance
Lakelanditecourage, decisiveness, grounding, inspiration, growth, determination
Lapis Lazuliself-awareness, self-expression, inner truth, objectivity, inspires confidence
Larimarpeace, clarity, healing, love, inner wisdom, outer manifestation, enlightenment
Larvikiteprotection, grounding stone, inner visions, enhance psychic abilities, concentration
Lepidolitechange, deep emotional healing, reducing stress and depression, dissipates negativity
Lodestonebalance, endurance, dispel grief, fear, anger, and confusion, relieves burdens
Image by maria leonidou crystal, book, and magic image

| M |

Malachiteclears negative energy, unconditional love, opens the heart, protection
Milky Quartzconcentration, memory recall, stimulates the mind, balance, harmony
Moldavitetransformation, protection, self-healing, cleansing, energizing, removing blockages
Moonstonenew beginnings, inner growth, inner strength, stabilizing, intuition, inspiration
Moss Agaterefreshing, new beginnings, abundance, wealth, improves self-esteem, awareness
Mookaite Jaspernurturing, supportive, peace, wholeness, promotes versatility, peace
crystal and aesthetic image Image by maria leonidou

| O |

Obsidiantruth seeking, shields against negativity, eases stress, cleaning, protection
Ocean Jasperinner strength, purity, promotes positivity, communication, love
Onyxsoothing, stress relieving, promotes good habits, boosts self-confidence, responsibility
Opaldreaming, encourages freedom, independence, originality, creativity, self-worth, truth
Opalitestability, transition, love, calming, inner peace, alleviates depression and anxiety
Orange Calcitecreativity, positive energy, willpower, balancing, higher consciousness
amethyst image Image by maria leonidou

| P |

Pearlpurity, honesty, integrity, concentration, focus, meditation, tranquility , wisdom
Peridotcompassion, good health, restful sleep, peace, eloquence, creativity, delight, good cheer
Pink Opalsoothing, clearing, calming, love, peace, hope, insomnia, nightmares, release of fear
Poppy Jaspergrounding, courage, strength, willpower, emotional balance, peace, happiness
Prehniteunconditional love, healing, precognition, inner knowing, calming, peace, protection
Pyriteprotection, strength of mind, prosperity, grounding, good luck & fortune, wealth
crystal and stones image Image by maria leonidou

| R |

Rainbow Obsidiangrounding, deflects negativity, protection, love, joy, light, support
Rainbow Moonstonebalance, harmony, hope, creativity, compassion, endurance. intuition
Raindrop Azuriteopens consciousness, guidance, balancing earthly experiences
Rainforest Jasperhealing, strength, calming, faith, love, peace, balance, determination
Red Aventurinepassion, creativity, endurance, success, strength, stamina, security
Red Calciteincreases energy, grounding, protects emotional boundaries, willpower, revitalizing
Red Jaspercalming, grounding, vitality, stamina, endurance, self-confidence trust, courage
Rhodonitecompassion, emotional balance, emotional ealing, nurturing, heart, highest potential
Rose Quartzlove, trust, harmony, relationships, self-love, friendship, inner healing, peace
Rubyenergy, concentration, creativity, loyalty, honour, compassion, home, family
Rutilated Quartzillumination, spiritual growth, cleansing, energizing, protection, manifestation
crystals and chakra image crystal, crystals, and magical image

| S |

Sapphirefinancial abundance, mental clarity, intuition, integrity, protection against negativity
Selenitecalming, peace, deep cleaning, meditation, flexibility, clearing confusion, insight
Serpentinemeditation, spiritual exploration, wisdom, revisiting past lives, emotional release
Shungitepurity, protection, combats insomnia, boosts energy, reduces stress, relieves anxiety
Snakeskin Agateemotional issues, stability, stability, joy of living, happiness, positivity
Sodaliterational thought, objectivity, intuition, self-esteem, self-acceptance, self-trust
Smokey Quartzneutralizing, grounding, emotional calm, stress relieving, protective, soothing
Snowflake Obsidianbalance, meditation, releases stress, positive isolation, grounding
Strawberry Quartz – _soothing, calming, intentions of love, gratitude, generosity, concentration _
Sugilitepositivity, relieves stress, peace, forgiveness, emotional healing, freedom, enlightenment
Sunstoneluck, good fortune, independence, freedom, creativity, originality, sensuality, joy
Super Sevenbalancing, positivity, focus, stability, optimism, joy, harmony, decisiveness
pale, art, and beautiful image crystal, pink, and flowers image

| T |

Tangerine Quartzjoy, curiosity, passion, creativity, self acceptance, overcoming limitations
Tanzanitecommunication, transformation, introspection, wisdom, intuition, truth, dignity
Tiger’s Eyeharmony, protection, grounding, balance, understanding, taking action, decisions
Topazsoothing, healing, stimulating, recharging, joy, generosity, abundance, love, good fortune
Tree Agatesupport, calmness, humility, tranquility, dissolves arrogance, peace, inner certainty
Turquenitedecreasing selfishness, stress, pain, and rudeness, calming, success, stamina
Turquoiseserenity, creativity, empathy, positive thinking, intuition, happiness, wisdom
Tourmalinated Quartzcleansing, healing, emotional clarity, grounding, energy amplifying
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

| U |

Unikatespirituality, grounding, re-birth, emotional growth, healthy relationships, cleansing
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| W |

Watermelon Tourmalinesoothes the heart, counters anger, calms the mind, relieves stress
stone, crystal, and diamond image crystal and pink image

| Y |

Yellow Aventurinecompassion, understanding, enlightenment, independence, originality

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