Hey you
You will get through this
You will be happy again
And oh I know you can't believe it right now,
but I know you will
Because once I was where you are now
and I couldn't believe it neither
But just trust me on this one
Trust the universe
If you give it some time, you will be so thankful you didn't give up
You will be so proud of yourself that even in the hardest time, in the time all you wanted to do was giving up,
you didn't.
That's the moment you'll realise your power
That's the moment you'll realise there isn't anything you can't do
Because you survived what you thought you couldn't
Because all what you have been through led you to this point in life
and you wouldn't have reached it if it wasn't for the obstacles
You didn't believe your future would be worth it
But it was
Your future is waiting for you and it will bring good things.
You don't have to see it now, you don't have to figure out how to get there
Just trust you will
And believe me, it will be great.