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Soulef Torkia
Soulef Torkia

Leave everything behind and Move on .. Maybe it's not that simple or am sure it's so hard to do thaat ... Your ex left you or broke up with u for no reason and u keep doubting yourself why is That! why did he do that ... Am I not pretty enough! and all ...
like we say in our country It's THE MEKTOUB♡ and everything happens for a reason and Maybe after this sad and bad things wonderful things are waiting for you just don't lose hope!

If Your boyfriend left You...

Well well I can't wait to talk about this topic!
u know girl Boys are not that serious or at least the majority of 'em! They keep playing with girls feeling telling em beautiful words and all...
so If u were with a boy and you really loved him but this idiot left you! don't worry about it he just wasn't meant for you ! A person who doesn't know ur value and doesn't treat u well! get him out of your life HE'S NOT THE ONE!

First of all ; Take a loooong bath let the water wash away all the pain ; ur love for him; everything and cryy! YESS cry! so it won't hurt anymore LET IT OUT! and if u want scream too!
After that Talk about it to someone u really trust ur sister mother best friend or anyone about how u felt and all OR talk to yourself ... You will feel free and it maybe sounds crazy to u but I LOVE TALKING TO MYSELF .. She gets me ... Also this is the best thing u can do so far!

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So pretty girl ; You need no revenge You're no longer in his life and that's a punishment enough ... it's time for you to GLOW UP yeah girrrl!

Change ur look ; Dye ur hair ; cut it ; Do sport ; Change ur style of clothing too why not It's so good for ur mental health ...

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Start reading books ; watch movies and tv shows ; watch youtube videos about Selflove about Style watch youtubers u didn't know! (am gonna do an artcle about my fav youtubers) Start to change ur life a lil bit and Don't listen to sad songs okay! u understand me?

Start doing new things ; YOGA for example! I started doing yoga since my break up and It really changeed my mood and relaxed me seriously girls Start doing it ... also meditation I've been using The app of HEADSPACE and it's really good Try it! meditation is so fun and helps u to concentrate...

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ANNND , when u see him in the road don't change it just walk and don't DON'T look at him just keep laughing if u were with ur bff or stare at ur phone and smile he will wonder and say wow she didn't notice me he will feel bad ; Don't talk about him never and if somebody starts talking about him just don't give a damn about theem or their stupid stories they don't matter ! and Never block him in social media EVER! Let him see how happy pretty and gorgeous You ARE... Always post memes post ur beautiful pics with a beautiful song ...

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I gave u advices from my experience ! I know it's really hard and all but We will move on Life never stop for anyone...

And please never doubt yourself Go out , do what u want cook if u want to ... Learn to dance to sing to paint ... EVERYTHING u want to and LOVE YOURSELF ... life is too short and We have to live it each sec because we still HERE ... and never get to another relationship because only weak ppl do that...

Set Your goals and glow up never cry over a stupid dudeee!


PS: Be close to Allah♡