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1. If you could teach one subject in high school, what would it be?

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English, I always love English.

I think, at least here in Spain, we don't teach it well. So, I would create new methods that make people learn and specially love English.

2. It is brunch, what do you eat?

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Toasts, amazing

One with olive and tomato and the other with avocado and boiled egg, orange juice and a glass of milk.

3. What do you think your biggest strength is?

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Never give up.

I think my biggest strength is that I never give up no matter, it can be making a project for college or in a friendship or even with my own life.

4. What are your friends like?

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Well, I don't have many friends, but they are kind of different, they make smile which I think is the best.

5. Where is one place you would love to visit?

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Turky, since I start watching series from this country, I've dreamed of going. They have beautiful places.

6. What music genre do you listen to?

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Mostly, pop in different languages, but I also listen to Spanish rap.

7. What is one life lesson that you learnt the hard way?

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Second chances.

That I shouldn't give second chances to people who doesn't deserve them.

8. Are you high maintenance?

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I don't think so.

9. Where do you see yourself in five years?

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Well, I hope living in my own house with my partner, my sister or even some friends. Working as a telecommunication engineer and spending my evenings at the gym, going at with friends, doing different courses.

10. What do you look for in a partner?

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Someone that I could tell anything, anytime without feeling ashamed of myself or feeling that I'm being judge.

11. Would you consider living abroad?

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Casa Loma, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Yes, maybe in Canada, but I would hate being far away from my family.

12. Which celebrity would you want as your older sibling?

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Demi Lovato ★

I think Demi Lovato, I see her such a strong woman that I believe she would give me the best advices.

13. Are you currently in a relationship?

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No, I'm not. And I've never been. Like I said I haven't been lucky in love.

14. What is the scariest movie you have watched?

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The nun.

A friend of my said that he wanted to see a horror movie with me, because I hate them, so I make his wish come true and see this film. At the end, it wasn't so scary.

15. Where is the furthest you have been from home?

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It's in Andalucía, one summer on holidays. I've never been abroad.

16. Do you remember dreams when you wake up?

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Yes, a lot of them. Many time, I spend the entire morning thinking about them.

17. What is the last thing you downloaded onto your computer?

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Well, right now I'm using a laptop from work, so it was a manual for a program.

18. If you got some money for your birthday, where will you go to spend it?

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Well, right now to a shopping center. During quarantine, I didn't go shopping like every one and I think you never have too much clothes right?

19. Would you rather be overdressed or underdressed?

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I always spend some time thinking about my outfits and I like to look cute and fashion.

20. Do you believe people can change?

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If they truly want to change yes, but it's so easy to say it. The words are taken by the old man.

21. What is your favorite book?

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I don't know, I hate choosing just one thing. TFIOS it is the only book that made me cry.

22. What three adjectives describe you?

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Shy, strange and polite.

23. What do you want to be when you grow up?

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A mom.

Well, considering that I'm actually an adult I think a mom, I always wanted to have kids.

24. what is your favorite sweet and savory snack?

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🍫 🍟

Sweet: chocolate, I love chocolate Savory: ruffles not and cheese delicious.

25. Who is your favorite actress?

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Demet Özdemir

Right now I have to say Demet Özdemir, she's a turkish actress, she's so pretty. She's making second season of doğduğun ev kaderindir.

Thanks for reading guys. This is my first post in a long time. Hope you liked it ★