She may be known for her sad, sensual, bratty and melancholical songs but she's not just that...Maybe these songs aren't 100% happy either but more than most of hers!

Back To The Basics

love, couple, and vintage image apartment, home, and house image
You can mow the lawn for money I can make you playlists You bought me dimebags Felt like we were famous


sunset, friends, and aesthetic image hollywood, city, and light image
No one even knows what life was like Now I'm in L.A. and it's paradise

Every Man Gets His Wish

car image flowers, girl, and dress image
We're forever young in paradise As long as you got the Chevrolet I will ride

Prom Song (Gone Wrong)

boy, feel, and girl image aesthetic, museum, and friends image
Let me take you out of this town Let me do it right now baby Dancing 'til dawn staying forever young


dark, aesthetic, and black image love, kiss, and couple image
We'll dance until we die Why not go out every night? Promise we won't say goodbye

Queen Of The Gas Station

car, gas station, and motel image aesthetic, mood, and mountain image
Give me coffee, Utah love I'm the kind of girl you dream of

BBM Baby

girl image aesthetic, heart, and phone image
He signs XO, hugs, hey I know it’s true love cause my heart goes yay


grease, movie, and retro image aesthetic, vintage, and music image
You get ready, you get all dressed up To go nowhere in particular Back to work or the coffee shop Doesn't matter 'cause it's enough