Hey guys, who don't love watching a good movie, right?
I will show here The Best Movies Ever Produced In History!
Of course this is my opinion!
And some are my favorites ;)

Lethal Weapon

mel gibson, lethal weapon, and movie image danny glover, mel gibson, and lethal weapon image
danny glover, mel gibson, and lethal weapon image
I definitely love this movie! All 4! It's the best Cop film trilogy! It has action, humor, a little suspense and a mix of a very good policeman and a very crazy policeman or as we say in BraSil "Fora da Casinha". But the 2 are honest and solve crimes.

Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones image Indiana Jones image
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The best Adventure film trilogy ever produced in history! I don't need to say much about this film and justify it on this list! They make me want to get off the couch and explore the world!

The First Great Train Robbery - 1978

1978, filme, and moovie image 1978, filme, and moovie image
1978, filme, and moovie image
The plan they create for the assault is very well thought out and they will be the first to do a type of assault like this! But what made me put the film on this list is the architecture of the assault and Sean Connery is part of the movie ;)

Crimson Peak

crimson peak image crimson peak and lucille sharpe image
Image by evae
A suspense to take you to a heart attack! The parts of the film that we believed to be horror in the end were to save the girl and bring the suspense away. And we have to agree that a del Toro film had to be on the list.

The Untouchables

Abusive image the untouchables image
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Well, this film based on real events, shows the story of Al Caponne, the greatest mobster of his time, the police team The Untouchables, who wanted to arrest him and all the corruption of the time! Robert de Niro gives an acting show!

Inglourious Basterds

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An iconic film! Tarantino's! And although it is fictional, there is at least one scene that I believe everyone would really like to have been real !!!
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These two I left for last, but they are no less important. The order of that list does not matter.


John Travolta, movie, and movie michael image 90's, michael, and simple image 1996, anjo, and John Travolta image 90's, michael, and 90's movies image
John Travolta, movie, and movie michael image
I believe that many people do not know this film and it is not one of the most famous, but it is incredible! All events in the film take place for a single purpose that happens in the end!


1947, 40's, and copacabana image 1947, 40's, and copacabana image 1947, 40's, and black and white image 1947, 40's, and copacabana image
gif, groucho marx, and carmen miranda image
Ah Copacabana! A delicious movie! A musical comedy from the 40's and the best film of our Brazilian Carmen Miranda! A light comedy for the whole family! Everyone should watch at least one movie from the 40s. Carmen Miranda is perfect and has an incredible voice in addition to being Brazilian, of course I couldn't help but put a Brazilian reference on this list!
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It's it! I hope you had fun with this list and if you don't know any, it is a good indication of films to watch!
I don't speak English very well, so I used a translator so if you have some confusing words I apologize and thanks for reading.

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