You won't see my flowers bloom when you don't give me the time to grow. You won't get to see my rainbows if you don't experience my storms. You won't see me heal if you don't see me bleeding on my knees trying to stand back up. You won't see my paradise if you can't go stay through the long and bumpy ride. A past lover once told me that I'm a hurricane that creates so much mess. Yes, I might fuck things up a lot but I'm still growing. It's not fun at all, if I could escape being myself, I would but I can't. I need to stand back up for myself without someone lending me a hand. I need to create my own shelter when my storms come. I need to stay the whole ride to reach my destination I call paradise. To truly love someone and care for them, you need to stay. Stay through the rainy and sunny days. You can't just find shelter in someone else's arms to hide from her storms. When war comes, you can't just turn around and run away from it, you need to fight. Victories come after a long and weary battle, battle you need to fight together, not against each other. We can't keep running away from every bad situations that comes our way, that won't solve the problem. The key word here is "solving", not "ignoring". Ignoring it would make things worse.

None of us is perfect, we all have flaws and imperfections. We'll never be perfect. If you expect someone to stay for you through your ups and downs then you have to do the same for them. Love is not one-sided, it's a give and take. We can't keep taking and taking and being selfish when the other person's running low, learn how to give and reciprocate. If that doesn't work out then be there for yourself. It's a sad reality to know that not everyone is willing to stay when things get hard, but don't you deserve better? Don't you deserve feeling safe and free for who you really are? Don't you deserve acceptance? Of course you do. It's so fucking irritating to hear this all the time but we need to give that to ourselves first. I know I know.. it takes a lot of work but that's where the line starts. "Me first" we need to remind ourselves that everyday. Treat yourself better and accept who you really are and feel free to express your feelings and emotions. If you need to hear this, you can do it. You've come a long way to quit. It's okay to take a breath and pause for a little bit but never stop, keep going.