the basics

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english name; christina selene bang
korean name; 방채린, bang chaerin
stage name; 셀레네, selene (currently); 템포, tempo (formerly, while in jinx)
nicknames; selene, lenie, chaerinnie, rinnie, rin
birthday; february 29th 1996
sexuality; bisexual
ethnicity; korean
nationality; canadian
hometown; nova scotia, canada
family consists of;
  • bang hyunjung, father
  • yong eunsun, mother
  • richard bang-yamada hyunki, older brother
  • valerie bang soojin, older sister
  • benjamin bang jongin, baby brother
  • syuya yamada-bang, brother-in-law

the career

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selene audition for kpop star at 15, becoming runner up. signed with big company. she trained for a little over a year before debuting in a girl group named jinx along with four other girls.
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jinx; debuted 2012, disbanded 2015
  • lee yeonhee, sara, 1990; leader, main vocalist
  • choi dasom, somi, 1992; lead vocal
  • kwak yeonju, joo, early 1993; lead dancer, main rapper
  • park jungha, haru, 1994; lead vocals, lead dancer
  • bang chaerin, tempo; maknae, visual, main dancer
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the girls all got along great, but were tired of the company pushing chaerin and ignoring them. disbanded after 3 years in 2015
chaerin left the company and signed under another that promised her more control over her concepts and outfits, that she could veto things if she wanted to. redebuted as soloist in 2016.

the personality

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while dance is her number one passion, selene also loves comics and video games, being two of her favourite hobbies. she even posts videos of herself playing games from time to time, when she's got the time, which is admittedly not super often. when she's not actively doing promotions she tries to put up at least one or two videos, or do a stream or two of her playing games and talking to fans.
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selene isn't even a little subtle about the fact that she supports, and is part of, the lgbt+ community. she came out as bisexual shortly after her solo debut, and has always openly talked about her family - her parents, her brother and his husband, her (trans) sister and her (gay) baby brother. if other people don't like her for what she is, she doesn't care. she openly supports all sorts of charities and causes, and asks that if her fans want to give her presents for her birthday, for it to be donations to those charities and causes, because other people need that more than her.

the style

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hair; generally changes her hair comeback to comeback, but almost always has an unnatural hair colour - people always ask if her scalp is okay, but like, she knows how to colour her hair. she doesn't redye it constantly, usually doesn't bother to redye it at all between comebacks, does hair masks and uses good shampoo and all that. pink is her most used hair colour, either with other colours or on it's own. it's the colour she thinks looks best on her.
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general; dark outfits and bright hair. kind of grungy, but also not? egirl, but also pastel goth in some ways. generally prefers skirts, but like, skirts she can actually dance and move in. doesn't mind 'tight' clothes but hates restrictive clothes.
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casual; always wearing boots. more grey than black, lots of denim. she wears a lot of jean jackets with skirts, and cardigans and t-shirts with jeans.
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music shows; girl crush/badass. grungy. rarely wearing heels, more so platforms. if she can't dance comfortably in it, be it physically comfortable or without fear of a skirt or dress pulling up too far, she vetoes it and refuses to wear it. she doesn't care if the stylists get annoyed, she's the one who has to wear it. tends to take a more simplistic approach to makeup when it comes to the stage.
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airport; comfy, casual, more laid back than her normal casual wear. if she has to be on an airplane for any length of time, she's going to be comfortable. a bit more fashionable for the short flights though; roughly two and a half hours is okay for more daily clothes, but if she's going back to canada for whatever reason, she is going to be in her most comfortable jeans or sweatpants.
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dance practice; loose fitting tops and pants, or leggings and too big crop top. sometimes she's just in casual clothes that are easy enough to move in, but mostly she has outfits and clothes dedicated to dance because she's a dancer, duh, and she knows what is easiest to move in for the longer practice sessions.
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variety shows; still has the grungy vibe, but a bit more casual and cute. loads of plaid skirts.
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award shows; this is the time that selene's stylists get to go all out, for the most part. all she has to do for an award show is look pretty and be able to walk, so they get to have a bit more fun. her colour palette still tends to veer towards blacks and greys, but that's mostly due to her hair almost always being a bright colour and if her outfits were colourful, she'd likely clash a lot.

idol friends

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park sooyoung / joy of red velvet & jung yerin of gfriend & oh hayoung of apink. went to sopa with them, and they're probably her closest friends, idol or otherwise.

ideal type

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during her time in jinx, she tried to avoid giving names for an ideal type, tho her eonni's did manage to get exo's kai out of her at some point. she'd still say he sort of fits, but it was never... actually right?
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after her solo debut, when she was asked her ideal type, she said red velvet's seulgi, which was her officially coming out as bisexual as well. it's actually true though, and she highkey has a massive crush on seulgi, something joy teases her about endlessly.
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if she had to pick a male ideal type, she'd say nct's taeyong. she's got a thing for the ones who are charismatic as hell on stage, but are also soft, gentle and sweethearts off stage.

social media

instagram ; selene_b96
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ootd type pics, any time she wants to send a longer message, more english than korean, and lots of pride things. a lot of it is more her 'diary' kind of. she uses it to keep her family updated, posting pictures of places she's visited and restaurants (and meals) so her family knows she's eating properly, and for posting the odd rant when something has happened in the industry or community, or if there's just anything big going on.
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yes my hair is the colour of the bi flag. yes it was very much on purpose. yes it's because im bi. deal with it. #happypridemonth #bisexual #pride
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#tbt i don't miss the homework and stresses of school, but i do miss seeing these dorks almost everyday
twitter ; 96selene
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practice room pics, mostly korean. more for updating fans quickly, tweets when she's just sort of bored or the mood hits her, which isn't... often? she tends to post more on instagram, though twitter updates often come more often while she's promoting, because it's easy to snap a couple of backstage selcas, often with her friends if they're promoting at the same time, and post them
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comeback? boredom and a box of hair dye? i'll never tell
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it's been so long since we were all free. i missed these idiots ♥ w/ sooyounggie, yerinnie and hayounggie