Things that i wanna do as long as I’m a teen because I have a main character complex and I want my life to be a movie :)

1. get drunk on the beach/at a lake while having a bonfire and then go skinny dipping
2. chill and get drunk on a rooftop
3. have an actual fistfight and get a bloody nose or something
4. go skating at night

love yourself image night, city, and love image boy, blood, and grunge image awesome, photography, and skateboard image

7. go for a random drive in the middle of the night and blast music
8. have sex at night on the mc donalds playground
9. be in a kinda toxic relationship with a stoner skater boy
10. have a really dramatic breakup with said skater boy while screaming at each other in the pouring rain

11. go to a concert
12. get high
13. try different types of drugs ;)
14. help a friend through a breakup by drinking lots of wine, eating ice cream and watching chick flicks

15. have my friends make me a piercing at home
16. spray paint / destroy someone’s car because they wronged me or one of my friends
17. get arrested
18. show my tits for money

20. have sex in a car
21. go to a festival
22. go on a road trip with my friends
23. break into a hotel and use their swimming pool

24. attend a huge house party
25. do coke in a fucked up hotel room
26. live in an apartment with a bunch of my friends
27. dance in the rain

28. lie in the rain while holding hands with someone
29. go for a romantic walk at night
30. take a random train
32. get friendship tattoos in the basement

33. have a bunch of fabric bracelets on my arms
35. have a dramatic makeover
36. work at a coffee shop
37. go on vacation in Amsterdam

38. ride around Amsterdam on a bike
39. wear a boys sweatshirt
40. write in a diary
41. give my room a makeover

42. have someone win me a plushed animal at a fair
44. vandalize a wall
45. watch a scary movie with a boy
46. sleep on the grass

47. go to a protest for something i'm really passionate about
48. learn how to skate
49. jump in a pool fully clothed
50. kiss someone on midnight on new years

51. lay under the stars and talk about life
52. go on a movie date
53. bake in the middle of the night
54. steal a street sign

49. play spin the bottle