this is a story about angels falling to earth during a war fighting demons and ending up realising how very human they all are.

1. Le Prologue - letlive.

Image by lully feminism, feminist, and revolution image
now i'm on my way to the sun just to take him on for the place of god

2. Flutes - Hot Chip

amazing, celtic, and flute image luhan, boy, and exo image
i know it's nothing more than flutes, but something in my heart is loose

3. Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) - Kate Bush

grunge, black, and shoes image teen wolf, wolf, and scott mccall image
do you want to feel how it feels?

4. Liability - Lorde

aesthetic, alternative, and anime image aesthetic, sad, and liability image
she's so hard to please, but she's a forest fire

5. Fashion! - Lady Gaga

summer, aesthetic, and green image chanel, fashion, and heels image
looking good and feeling fine

6. How Could an Angel Break My Heart - Kenny G

Image removed 90s, angel, and fashion image
i heard he sang a lullaby... when i found out, thought i would die because that lullaby was mine

7. Lily - Alan Walker

love, quotes, and love rosie image movie, lily james, and ansel elgort image
follow everywhere i go, top over mountains or valley low

8. For The Girl - The Fratellis

Image by Private User fashion image
kicking for my sweetheart, bruises that i just don't miss

9. Control - Halsey

fashion, jeans, and style image quotes, control, and art image
i've grown familiar with villains that live in my head

10. Littlest Things - Lily Allen

lily allen, photography, and pink hair image black, wine, and red image
the littlest things that take me there - i know it sounds lame, but it's so true

11. Forever & Always - Taylor Swift

always, big, and dreaming image Lyrics, quote, and tumblr image
and then you feel so low you can't feel nothing at all

12. I'm In Love With A German Film Star - The Passions

dance, love, and couple image couple, passion, and love image
trying not to pose for the cameras and the girls

13. Lyrics - Skepta

music, vintage, and cassette image couple, hands, and Lyrics image
lord of the mics you was spitting that heat, but right now your bars ain't on fleek

14. FLOWER GIRL - Kinoko Teikoku

aesthetic, soft, and flowers image inspiration and ocean image
kimi wo saita itoshii hito

15. I Put A Spell On You - Nina Simone

boy, Hot, and dark image dark and hands image
i ain't lyin', no, i ain't lyin'

16. Last Blues for Bloody Knuckles - La Dispute

blood, fight, and hands image music, jazz, and blues image
the promise that you made was meant to live forever

17. Fancy Dress - DON BROCO

girl, sahar luna, and makeup image green, jewelry, and rings image
does the light in the tunnel even mean a thing?

18. Part of Your World - The Little Mermaid

disney, ariel, and the little mermaid image nails, red, and aesthetic image
flippin' your fins you don't get too far - legs are required for jumpin', dancin'

19. Lighthouse - The Hush Sound

aesthetic, lighthouse, and travel image antique, the hunger games, and vintage image
there is a lighthouse five hundred yards down - you and i will be safe there

20. Fireworks - Mitski

Image by Ana Paula Horta fireworks image
and i'll listen to the memories as they cry, cry, cry

21. I'm a Firefighter - Cigarettes After Sex

fire, sunset, and friends image firefighter image
i'm longing for your kiss