things i wish someone told me before in college

- overall, i think everyone (including me) know that not only in college, but iN LIFE, no one knows what they doing. Is okay to have questions and feeling that your losing a battle that in the first place you couldn't win. and people don´t talk about this enough: YOU ARE NOT ALONE. learning is the biggest part of the process

- and also time is not your enemy. i think many students think that they should have a specific number of things done to a certain age or having all grades the same. if your program is flexible, DON'T PUSH IT. I learned things when i first hit myself the fact that i wasn't going to thrif in every situation and time is a value thing to apreciate and to learn to use

- friends are not enemies. OKAY? back to the first point, the sucess of your friends doesn't mean your failure. they do things in a way and you do things in your way. trying to fit and being like everyone else is stupid and it really doesn't make any difference when you are struggling.

- also, sometimes, friends don't know the answers, and that means you have to look and question other people. can't strees this enough because seriously, no one knows what they're doing and talking with someone else might help you and them

- be patient with everyone and with yourself. teachers and others students are not your friends 100% of the time so you have to know that in times they really don't care about situations that one might take seriously and that's awful but is life overall, people don't always react the way that you want and learning that might help you see things different.

- breaks are important. specially if you take many hours at day to do any college/school things relates. is not healthy to use all of your time to do things taht take time

- take it easy. college is not a race, no one wins anything when it's over except for the personal experience and the diploma. so you have to do things for you and not for what others think (ofc don't push and be annoying about doing things completely different if that doesn't help)

i hope the best for everyone in study situations and manifest sucess and happiness even in the darkest moments <3