so helloo everyone

Hope all of you is okay and safe
Let's get started with this playliiist

disclaimer; these songs can be very different between them. Some of the songs make me feel like dancing and others like lying on the back side of a truck and watch the stars or drive endlessly after the sunset and all night.
hands, park hyungsik, and strong woman do bong soon image friends, music, and guitar image
  • N.O.E. - Νερό/ Nero
  • Dennis Lloyd - Nevermind
  • Thomas Azier - Entertainment
lana del rey, flowers, and lana image dennis lloyd image
  • Lana Del Rey - Burning desire
  • The Irrepressibles - In this shirt
  • Yungblud - Strawberry Lipstick
aesthetic, broken, and car image yungblud image
  • BLOW - Close to you
  • Rosalia, Travis Scott - TKN
celebrities, fashion, and flamenco image thomas azier image
  • Black Eyed Peas, Rey Soul, Ozuna - Mamacita
  • Thomas Azier - Rukeli's Last Dance
girl, friends, and aesthetic image burger, chilling, and city image
  • Yungblud - Loner
  • Saske - GOGO
  • Arctic Monkeys - Fluorescent Adolescent
astroworld, butterfly, and travis image alex turner and arctic monkeys image
  • Katerina Duska, Leon of Athens - Άνεμος/ Anemos
  • Lana Del Rey - Ride
  • Fun, Janelle Monae - We are young
alkohol, beautiful, and bones image