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On this Nita talk I would like to approach the topic “Bras” and tell you guys a little bit about my experience with it. Hope you can identify yourselves with me and appreciate it! Let’s get started!

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When I was little

I don’t know if it was the same with you, my girls, but when my boobs started to grow up, when I was like 10 yo, I started using a bra. I don’t remember if my mom told me to use it or if I ask for it, but I do remember I hated it since the first time I put it on my body. It hurt me, I didn’t feel comfortable, but I start feeling very uncomfortable without bra too. When my nipples started to show, more than usual, I felt really ashamed and with a really weird feeling. So, with my 10 years old I thought “I have to use a bra so it doesn’t matter if it hurts me, I have to get used to it”. And I truly think everybody around me thought the same and have never stop to think if it was really necessary and if I was really happy with it.

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At the time people just told me what their parents told them, because there weren’t social media at the time. There weren’t women freedom or working as a man, at the time. Women have to wear bras and, in the past, as never been a discussion. In the past you didn’t see your neighbor without bra as we see someone on the internet nowadays. So I don’t blame them. They teach me what they thought was the right thing, what they thought I had to do. But you know what, there’s no right thing. There’s what makes sense for you or not. It may be different from everybody. And that’s ok.

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Bras bras and bras

The reason women start using bras was because of an esthetic and fashion question. To modify how their body looked. Something like make up. Not because their body needed it as I thought my whole life. Sometimes when I want I use make up. But then when I don’t want to I don’t use. With bras I have never used them because I wanted to.

That’s the whole point, I you are not comfortable with it, if it hurts you, if it makes you feel bad, don’t use it! If it makes you feel happy, if you feel comfortable, if you like it, use it!! That’s it, it’s your choice and your option, only yours. There’s no right thing to do, as I said.

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There’s a BIG myth I heard a couple of times which is: not wearing a bra will make your boobs sag. That’s a completely lie and I believe a lot of women use bras because they feel fair of this!! I was truly surprised when I discover that it’s exactly the opposite, using a bra extimulte sagging. Your boobs will sag while you get old and it’s such a normal human thing. So normal as wrinkles, growing up, hair turn wait, etc. Our body changes every day, everybody’s body.

9 years later

I’m 19 yo now and I stop using hoop bras, because it hurt me and i was afraid to have infections on my ribs because of it. I, personally didn’t enjoy to use it. Besides the pain on my ribs it also made me always feel a lot of pain on my back, shoulders etc. I still use sportive bras a lot of times. And if you’re looking for a bra that doesn’t hurt you, that’s the best choice!! There’re a lot of them with really cute aesthetic.

When I’m just home I don’t use any bra and I feel really good and free, to be honest. I always slept with bra, because I didn’t feel comfortable without it, and I completely stop doing it. I never sleep with bra, it made my back pain reduce a lot.

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If I ever want to wear a bra solely and exclusively for esthetic reasons, there’s no harm. I will absolutely do it. Because I’m free to use what and when i want. With this article I don’t want to make every girl stop using bras. I want to make every girl feel that it’s her choice, her option and her body.

You go girl!! Fighting!!

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