Hello lovers! Hope that you're all doing good today!
Today I'm goona talk about some of my unpopular opinions.
I hope that you'll enjoy it and maybe ever take something from it.
So let's start, shall we?

1. Cellulite should be normalized and not shamed

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Cellulite is completely normal, in fact over 90% of women have had cellulite at some point in their lifes. I have been working out for years, I have abbs, a nice strong butt and legs, and I STILL have cellulite.

2. Mental illnesses are not a trend

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As someone who's family has a long history of mental illnesses I feel sick to my stomach when I see young people making things like anorexia, anxiety, depression and schizophrenia trends, and something quickly like it's a personality trade. It's hell, it's painful, it's crazy and it never really goes away. People who have mental health problems didn't ask for them. So let's be responsible and stop making them 'trendy'

3. Rasist and homophobic 'jokes' are disrespectful and stupid

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Being disrespectful towards a group of individuals who have been thought hell and back throughout history is unacceptable

4. White feminism is dumb

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White femonism is an epithet used to describe feminist theories that focus on the struggles of white women without addressing distinct forms of oppression faced by ethnic minority women and women lacking other privileges

5. Abusing your children is unforgivable

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6. Having children is a CHOICE

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Women not wanting children should be normalized and accepted more.

7. Equal pay should not be up for debate

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8. Every school should have a sex ed class

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9.Some crimes deserve the death penalty

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