Hey Guys,

I decided it is time to get back onto setting weekly goals again. I feel like I need more focus on things in per specific. I am productive and I do get things done but I believe I am neglecting more important aspects of my life and I believe that weekly goals will get me back on track!

Weight Loss

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I have gone up a dress size and I want to lose a bit of weight so that I can fit back into size 10. I want to do this by aiming to drink lemon water, strength training exercises and less snacking.

Paint Nails

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I want to give myself a nice manicure. It has been a while since I have painted my nails. I deserve to treat myself by painting my nails with a nail strengthener.

Pluck Eyebrows

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My eyebrows are a little out of control at the moment so I want to trim and pluck them for a neater, tidier look.

Eat Less Sugar

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I have been snacking a lot during lock down and my bad habits are still continuing now that I am back at work. I want to snack less on cakes, biscuits and sweets!

Re-do Braids

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I want to re-do my braids this week so that they will look neater.

Blueberry Smoothie

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I need to use up the plain yogurt and I am hoping that the smoothie will give me the nutrients that my body needs.

Open A New Bank Account

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I need to organise my finances.

Rest Foot

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I want to rest my poorly foot on my days off at home because my foot aches at work :(

Paint Toenails

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My feet need a makeover. I believe a nice nail polish will brighten my mood and get me into the summer vibes.

Eat more Fruit and Vegetables

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I believe adding more fruit and veg into my diet will help me in my weight loss journey.

Plan Work Outfits

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I want to wear different summer outfits for work. I also want to wear my gold chunky chain more.

Journal Your Thoughts and Feelings

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I want to work on journal ling my thoughts and feelings this week to be clear on how I am feeling.

Do Laundry This Week

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I want to get through my laundry.

Work on Myself

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I need to do some shadow work and work on my fears and my mental health.

Create a Structure For Yourself

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I don't want a fixed schedule but I also do not want to slack on the basic things I should be doing in my routine.

Create a Hair Care Routine

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I want to be consistent with my hair care routine and I want to create a timetable on it.

Wear Eye shadow for Work

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I want to work on using up my eye shadows and I want to wear eye shadow every time I go to work this week.

Work on a New Career

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I want to use this time to start thinking about a new career.

Create a List of Wardrobe Storage

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I want to make a list of what to store on top of my wardrobe.

Make Notes of Daily Habits/Structure

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I want to improve my routine for the better-to prevent having a stressful life.

Watch the Video on How to Simplify Life

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I want to see if I can gain any of the knowledge of the video and apply it to my life.

I hope this goal list gives you all inspiration