Inspired by:

favorite character

la casa de papel and professor image the flash and grant gustin image
Professor and The Flash/ Berry Allen

favorite relationship

modern family, funny, and lol image modern family, funny, and cam image
Cam And Mitchell

Character you would like to play

la casa de papel, nairobi, and netflix image gif, netflix, and love image

Character you should hate but you love

la casa de papel, alicia sierra, and tv show image netflix, najwa nimri, and inspectora image
Alicia Sierra

a crush from a show

grant gustin, the flash, and barry allen image couple, riverdale, and jughed image
Berry Allen and Jughed Jones

tv show you fell in love with

flash and the flash image the big bang theory image Image removed la casa de papel, series, and netflix image elite and netflix image brooklyn nine nine, b99, and peraltiago image
The flash, Big Bang Theory, Friends, la casa de papel, Elite and Brooklyn 99

most disappointing cancellation

orange is the new black, quotes, and oitnb image
Orange is the new black

Still don't know why don't judge

an iconic scene from a tv show

a show you thought you wouldn't like but ended liking

elite, danna paola, and lucrecia image aesthetics, school, and esterexpósito image

a show you abandoned after watching several seasons

Temporarily removed 2000s, boys, and brothers image
Glee and The Vampires Diaries

show you've watched several times

friends, funny, and joey tribbiani image

a characted you dislike

Temporarily removed
Iris and Tokyo

TV show that makes you think about high shool

Temporarily removed

a characted you'd love to have as friends

joey tribbiani, friends, and pheobe buffay image joey tribbiani, friends, and pheobe buffay image
Joey and Phoebe

best soundtrack

glee, naya rivera, and santana lopez image actors, black, and cool image

This was so much fun! Thank you!