i recently got disney plus and decided to rate the stuff ive been watching, even if no one cares.

phineas and ferb.

meme, kpop, and edit image perry, phineas, and ferb image disney, funny, and phineas and ferb image kiss, candace, and jeremy image
9/10 show. currently rewatching everything, though Candace needs to chill damn.

frozen 2.

disney and frozen 2 image frozen, elsa, and disney image Image by โœจAngeliki ~ The MoonlightBaeโœจ beautiful, sweet, and cute image
3/10. boring, cant remember what happened honestly, but the graphics and soundtrack was cute. also elsa should have been a lesbian.

suite life with zack and cody.

london tipton, meme, and pink image dylan sprouse, cole sprouse, and disney image
7/10. how did their mum pay for them to live there.

diary of a wimpy kid rodrick rules.

devon bostick image devon bostick, diary of a wimpy kid, and rodrick image
8/10. one of the best movies in the series. rodrick has my heart.


coco, disney, and pixar image animation, disney, and pixar image coco, disney, and pixar image coco, disney, and pixar image
10/10. amazing. graphics and all. made me cry.

hocus pocus.

boys, pale, and movie image hocus pocus, witch, and Halloween image gif image 90's, movie, and 90s image
9/10. idc what time of the year it is, this is a great ass movie.

the jungle book.

disney, the jungle book, and gif image 1960s, 1967, and jungle book image

1/10. tried to watch it, couldnt finish. whoops?

the princess and the frog.

disney, cartoon, and icon image disney, the Princess and the frog, and tiana image disney, princess and the frog, and pink image gif, princess and the frog, and new image
9/10. we love a black princess. ive watched this so many times.

i may update more if i watch more stuff, we shall see.