hiya :) my name is june and i'm obsessed with dark academia! i'm currently studying english literature with a minor in philosophy and i'm living my best dark academic life :)


  • resting bitch face
  • stays up late reading classical literature and drinking red wine
  • dark red lipstick and brown eyeliner
  • moody english literature student taking a minor in philosophy
  • silent but focused
  • people don't know how smart i am
  • black clothing with tweed
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  • secretly wants a soulmate
  • dreams of laying in bed reading classics while sharing kisses under candlelight
  • fantasizes about every boy reading a book
  • daydreaming
  • bon iver while writing love letters
  • white silk blouses with plaid trousers
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  • drawers filled with scented candles i'll never reach the end of
  • scribbles on random pieces of paper because i can never find my notebook
  • pen ink all over my arms from reminders of due dates
  • patches to cover up holes in my clothing because i'm too emotionally attached to get rid of any of them
  • overthinking every conversation
  • surviving off espresso to counteract the 4 hours of sleep i get
  • my brain works 10 times faster than my mouth
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thank you for reading :)