If I was in a movie...

title: Next Door
genre: Romance

movie poster

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Hannah moves into a new apartment in New York. One evening, she looks out of her window and spots a guy, who’s dancing alone in his bathroom, in the building across from her. The next week he sees her dancing in front of her mirror. He waves and she waves back. After a couple more wave-offs, they meet at the supermarket down the street. Hannah and Jackson hit it off right away. They start going out on dates and start dating. But things aren’t always as romantic as they seem and soon parents, ex-girlfriends and personal issues seem to come between them.

main characters:

Hannah Sterling:


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She lives her dream. A new job, which seems to be completely right for her. A new guy in her life, who is making her feel so special. And her best friends. But her live isn’t all peachy and soon she needs to face, that her issues with her body may translate into her relationship with Jackson.

Jackson Williams:


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He started over after a bad break up. Going to therapy and trying to find a new job. On his way to a better life, he meets Hannah and his whole journey seems easier. He falls hard for her and cant wait to present her to his family, but they aren’t over his ex. After his ex starts showing up in his life again, he needs to make a hard decision. New love or old life.

supporting roles:

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Jordan and Remy are Jacksons childhood friends. They were the ones that encouraged him to go to therapy and ask Hannah out. The boys make sure Jackson is alright.
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Claire and Daniel are Claires college roommates and lived with her until she moved. They make sure she goes out and isn’t staying home too much. They are the ones pushing her to let Jackson in.


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New York
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Small apartments
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Central Park
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Club ‘$$‘

time period: 2018

place: New York

highlights of the movie:

  • Jackson seeing Hannah at the club

When Jackson goes out for the first time in forever, he spots Hannah in the crowd. Not sure if that is really his dancing neighbor, he just looks at her for a little bit without approaching her. It made his night. 

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  • Their first meeting at the supermarket

Hannah and Jackson go for the last net of oranges without seeing the other one. They immediately recognize each other. A lot of giggling and flirting. They switch numbers. Jackson walks her home and helps Hannah carry her stuff.

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  • dancing together in Hannahs apartment

After their first couple of dates she invites him in. They start dancing around and end up hooking up for the first time. 

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  • Jackson shows up with roses to her job

After dating officially for 6 months he surprises her with flowers.

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  • road trip to Long Island

After being invited by Jacksons parents, Hannah and Jackson drive down to Long Island. It starts out very romantic and the two get a lot closer, but it turns ugly after Jacksons mum makes a snarky comment about Hannah. She compares her to Jacksons ex a lot. Hannah leaves suddenly.

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lowest point of the movie:

They have a huge fight after Jackson tells Hannah that his ex-girlfriend visited him and then kissed him. Hannah says, that she is okay with it at first, but after the horrible stay at his parents, she just explodes. All her insecurities about their relationship and herself make her spiral and she leaves the same day. They stop talking for month.

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After not talking for nearly a month, Hannah decides to leave her apartment and goes shopping. She stops by the supermarket to get food. On her way out the net with the oranges rips. Someone helps her and that someone is Jackson. The walk silently next to each other. It starts to rain and they confess their love. Their grand kiss is the final scene.

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Walking on sunshine- Katrina and the Waves
Magic in the Hamptons- Social House
Heebiejeebies- Animé
Pretty Girl Rock- Keri Hilson
Painkiller- Ruel
Be My Baby- Bea Miller
Blinding Light- The Weekend
Do it- Chloe x Halle
To be so Lonley- Harry Styles
Fine Line- Harry Styles