Hey everyone!

It is quite obvious to all of us that this year is not going as planned.
Because of this pandemic we are mostly at home and all those plans we had are being pushed back and I am no exception.

So I decided to do a little article talking about me and some of my interest in case someone wants to make some new friends and talk to some one with similar interests.

Hope you enjoy!


My Name

As my profile says my name is Beatriz but all my friends call me Bia.
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I am currently 18 years old but I'm turning 19 this October
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I love fashion and I do a bit of everything although I like to think my style is heavily inspired by the grunge aesthetic I am going for.
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I have just finished my first year at my art college. I am majoring in Art and Multimedia in hopes of becoming an animator some day. I manly focus on digital art.
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This is not my drawing but I do have an art page. The link is in my bio if your interested. Just a bit of shameless self promo.


I am from Lisbon, Portugal and I am fluent in both Portuguese and English.
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...But make it in quotes
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TV Shows/ Anime

  • CSI, Criminal Minds, NCIS, Bones...
You name it if it's a crime show I have most likely watched it. I love crime scene investigation shows and it may be a bit morbid but how can you not like them
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  • Teen Wolf
I am a huge fan of teen wolf. It is an amazing show and I have met some great people trough it.
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  • Avatar: The Last Airbender
It is very hyped up right now and gotta be honest started watching because of my for you page on TikTok but nonetheless I LOVED IT.
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  • Haikyuu
I have only recently started watching it but it is AMAZING! I already loved volleyball but Haikyuu just made me love it even more.
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I love sports but my favorite is volleyball. I have been a volleyball player for about 8 years now and it is something I plan on doing until I physically cannot anymore.
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Harry Potter

I am a very big Harry Potter fan. I don't really think this needs a very big explanation. I grew up with the books and movies.
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  • 5 Seconds Of Summer
5SOS are by far my favorite band, they changed my life and I don't think I would be the same person if I had not been introduced to their music.
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  • Chase Atlantic
I have not been listening to them for a long time but I love their music I could listen to it on repeat for hours on end.
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  • Halsey
Her music is amazing and I find her to be a big inspiration in my life. A true ICON
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Do I need o explain myself? The music is amazing makes me feel like an angsty teen but I can't stay I don't love it.
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