hey everyone!!!!! long time no see :) so I saw this article on 'if I were on winx club' and I thought of doing a "if I were a superheroine" to show off my oc lmao, hope you enjoy!!

here's where I got the questions from, if I change anyhing, you can check the original here


name: clara ali morais
born: 16 jan
mbti type: intj (introverted, intuitive, thinking, judging)


aesthetic, art, and icons image aesthetic, city, and girl image Image by ๐‘ด๐‘ฐ๐‘บ๐‘ป๐’€ anime, cute, and black and white image
a strong body figure, dark brown eyes, short black hair with white strands on the front, she's 1,70m tall


  • planet: earth
  • location: brazil, belo horizonte - MG
city image city, night, and grunge image architecture, city, and cityscape image asia, bladerunner, and city image

(not actual belo horizonte pictures lmao, this is an alternative universe)



force field image aesthetic, blue, and cyber image Image removed art, glass, and strange image hand, scan, and skin image aesthetic, art, and blue image Inspiring Image on We Heart It art, futuristic, and lights image
she has "phasers" that work by NF3 gas, force fields of plasma and carbon nanotubes, lenses that allow her to use heat vision, an infinite probability generator, nano-robots that can form in small shapes, such as buterfly-like boomerangs, or a very strong fist for body-to-body combat.


Inspiring Image on We Heart It aesthetic, blue, and futuristic image Image by a retrospect in blue lights, architecture, and art image

her control base is located below her company building, she owns a engeneering company and no one except her has access to this part, all of the entrances are hidden.

color palette:

she likes simple useful stuff and black is an easy color for everything such as styling and decor, so basically black :)


pretty, beautiful, and blue image art, butterfly, and aesthetic image
a black papilio memnon, a rare species of butterfly. (I couldn't find pictures of it here)

casual attire

style image fashion, outfit, and style image black, fashion, and girl image Image by tenderlygirl Image by ๐Ÿช aesthetic, black, and fashion image black, dress, and fashion image fashion, style, and girl image

heroine uniform

grunge, outfit, and girls women image black boots platform image alternative, dystopia, and dystopian image Image by enligne
the bodysuit with a black water-proof coat like the fourth one, with the length of the third one one, and boots

formal attire(?)

dress, fashion, and future image Image removed dress, fashion, and lace image dress, blackdress, and Couture image


2ne1, bom, and kpop image Connor, android, and dbh image aesthetic, computer, and futuristic image art, pink, and rainbow image
technology, engineering, learning languages, art


and that's basically it, the original one had more questions but they don't suit the hero theme sogo chack that out if you want all the categories, hope you guys liked clara, she's my bb :') I'll soon be doing my other character amalia hanover (which is also a heroine along with clara :o)

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