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Name: Ariadne Calliope Kyríarchos
Birth date: May 17, 1998
Birth place: Athens, Greece
Ethnicity/Nationality: Greek


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long blonde wavy hair, blue eyes, fair skin


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fun loving, hard working, brave, feisty, fierce, bubbly



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public events

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aesthetics, aesthetic, and beautiful image


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Ariadne's father: King Nicholas Alexandros Kyríarchos II

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Ariadne's mother: Queen Aretha Callistee Kyríarchos

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Ariadne's brother: Prince Stéphanos Kyríarchos

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Ariadne's brother: Prince Kristopher Demetrius Kyríarchos

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Phoenix Afrókrema

tom hughes image horse and boy image

Khloe Afrókrema

girl, model, and beauty image fashion, style, and dress image

Sofia Althaia Nikolaou

hair image sophie turner, game of thrones, and sansa stark image


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horse back riding, reading books, painting and swimming
Anne Hathaway, film, and disney image
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