Hi everyone
I'm literary obsessed with Dark Academia aesthetic.. so this is an article where I image to be part of Dark Academia. Hope you enjoy.

- My name: Irene
- Age: 19
- Nationality: Italian

- Appearance:

eyes, eye, and blue image fashion, hair, and girl image girl, hair, and fashion image aesthetic, fashion, and jewelry image

- Style:

Image by K Y L I E fashion image Image removed aesthetic, fashion, and dark academia image Image removed academia, aesthetic, and brown image
chanel, hair, and style image outfit image style image france, retro, and vintage fashion image

- Favorite outfit:

fashion, style, and outfit image aesthetic, boots, and cliche image fashion and style image fashion, outfit, and photography image

- Hobbies:

coffee, book, and aesthetic image love, couple, and flowers image books, dark academia, and aesthetic image academia, aesthetic, and art image
I love reading, drawing and going out with my friends

- Places:

academia, aesthetic, and architecture image aesthetic, dark, and witch image aesthetic image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
library, book, and aesthetic image aesthetic, uk, and dark academia image Image removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It

- Favorites movies:

poetry, dead poets society, and quotes image 1989, neil perry, and carpe diem image
dead poets society
aesthetic, museum, and friends image the dreamers, eva green, and cigarette image the dreamers, eva green, and movie image book, quotes, and culture image
the dreamers

That's all for now :)