This time I will introduce/recommand you some awesome english kpop songs in a form of a chart.
I assume yall kpop fans know most of these songs that I will mention, but I am sure you miss out a lot of bops especially if you stan only a few groups and you don't even try to give a listen to anything only what your faves realise.
I think it is great that some kpop groups and idols make music for their international fans that we actually understand but if they don't make it is completely fine too.
Actually there are some english kpop songs that I find cringy myself because of the interesting lyrics and pronunciation, but the majority of these songs are really good. SO if you didn't heared these songs yet trust my taste and give it a chance.

60. BVNDIT - Cool

girl group, be ambitious n do it, and k-pop image kpop, bvndit, and jungwoo image
"Playing it cool
We are only playing it cool,
I'm hanging with my city crew (so cool)
We're playing it cool,
Play play playing it cool"

59. Red Velvet - Really Bad Boy (english ver.)

red velvet and kpop image joy, royalty, and kpop image
"Kickin' it with my girls, let's party (Ha!)
Sipping on milk and chocolate sundaes (Hey!)
Having such a good ass time now all I need is that one guy
One one one one
One one one one
One one one one"

58. Stray Kids - Double Knot (english ver.)

felix, stray kids, and han image aesthetic, album, and stray kids image
"Anywhere I go now, go, go
My decision, my life, go, go"

57. Jackson Wang - Fendiman

got7, jackson wang, and jackson image Temporarily removed
"Call me fendiman
Welcome to my fendi land
I got all them diamonds inside my ambition
No boundary, no limit, no restriction
I am a dreamer, dream big like the universe
Be the leader, be the knight low key yeah!"

56. K.A.R.D - Don't recall (Hidden ver.)

bm, kard, and jiwoo image bm, kard, and jiwoo image
"You left me in the cold
Nobody here to warm my nights
Now I'm gone and you want to hold me
But I'm good without you, no lie"

55. GOT7 - Lullaby (eng. ver)

Image by moonchild_11 lullaby, Lyrics, and bambam image
(No MV)
"Sweet talk to me babe
It's magical
Sweet lullaby
Oh it's so hypnotizin'
Sweet talk to me babe
It's magical
I wanna hear you sing it
Every night"

54. Monsta X - Got my number

monsta x, monsta x boys, and monsta x album cover image pink, quotes, and aesthetic image
(No MV)
"When you realise, it ain't him that's on your mind
Baby, you got my number, got my number, woah"

53. Monsta X - She' the one

Temporarily removed monsta x, monsta x boys, and monsta x album cover image
(No MV)
"She's the one, who got me all messed up
I could write a million songs but I know it's not enough"

52. Blackpink - Crazy over you

icons, scans, and lovesick girls image blackpink, jisoo, and kpop image
(No MV)
"I saw you
And knew what I was trying to do
I had to play it real real smooth
And once I finally made my move
I went crazy over you (ah, ah)
Over you, only you (ah, ah)
I went crazy over you
Like e-e-e-e, e-e-e-e, e-e-e-e"

51. (G)i-dle - Latata (english ver.)

fancy, shuhua, and girls image k-pop, miyeon, and latata image
(No MV)
"(I love ya!) There ain't nothing I won't do for you, fall with me, Lata
(I love ya!) Dance the night away with me, let me sing for you, Lata
(I love ya!) Latata latata latata latata latata latata latata latata
Sing for me until you're burnt in my memory, Lata (I love ya!)"

50. Eric Nam - I don't miss you

amazing, nice, and cool image eric nam image
(No MV)
"When I said we could stay friends
Why'd you believe it
Being friends is something
Lovers just can't do"

49. Monsta X - You can't hold my heart

premiere, youtube, and monbébé image Image removed
"And, there's nothing that I can say at all
You can't hold my heart no more
And I'm waiting for your arms to fall
You can't hold my heart no more"

48. Eric Nam ft. Marc E. Bassy - Congratulations

eric nam, kpop, and eric nam album image eric, kpop, and dance image
You're finally leaving
Let's throw a party here tonight
And toast to the end of you and I"

47. Eric Nam - You're sexy, I'm sexy

eric nam, kpop, and eric nam album image asian, boys, and korea image
(No MV)
"You're sexy I'm sexy
You want me I want you too
If you want somebody on your body
I'll be somebody to you"

46. Amber Liu - neon

fx, kpop, and kpop theme image exit, grunge, and pink image
"Yeah I see neon
So let me be the one
That you can lean on"

45. Lay - Boom

aesthetic, boom, and boys image aesthetic, boom, and boys image
(No MV)
"I like it when you
Drop it low, can you do it on the floor, girl
Take control, girl, I know you see the goal, yeah"

44. (G)i-dle - Oh My God (english ver.)

gidle, soyeon, and kpop image kpop, OMG, and gidle image
"Baby, baby
You got me losing my mind tonight
Toxic, toxic
I tell my friends that I'm fine
It's a lie"

43. Stray Kids - Levanter

bang, felix, and stray kids image album, side effects, and skz image
(No MV)
"I wanna be myself (I don't care)
Yeah, I gotta be myself (Just don't care)
And now that your weight's come off my shoulders
I realize that I can fly"

42. Jackson Wang - 100 Ways

aesthetic, got7, and couple image jackson, kpop, and 88 rising image
"There's a hundred ways to leave a lover
I won't wait a minute longer
Hundred ways to leave
But I'm the only one that you need"

41. Lay - Hold on

10, handsome man, and ot9 image exo, yixing, and kpop image
(No MV)
"If you just believe, that the light will shine down
Woo ah
Anything you want, you can have it right now
Hold on when you might be falling
Wait until you find your moment yeah
Don't you know you gon' shine"

40. CLC - I need u

girl group, clc, and kpop image k-pop, no, and 씨엘씨 image
(No MV)
"Just hit me with your love, can't get enough
Wanna be right here in your arms
For so long I've been looking for you
Now my heart is pounding like pappapara"

39. Lay - Namanana

Image removed exo, yixing, and zhangyixing image
"These haters keep hating
But I keep on climbing
I'm parting the seas
While everyone sleeps
I'm ready I'm fighting
I'm hot like wasabi
And I promise that you can be like me
You gotta follow your dreams
And when you hear talking
Don't think about stoppin'"

38. Rosé - On the ground

kpop, rose, and blackpink image kpop, rose, and blackpink image
"I worked my whole life
Just to get right, just to be like
Look at me, I'm never coming down
I worked my whole life
Just to get high, just to realize
Everything I need is on the
Everything I need is on the ground"

37. Chungha - Flourishing

aesthetic, album, and kpop image aesthetic, blonde, and flourishing image
(No MV)
"I've gotta focus on the moment ain't no looking back
Got so much love in my chest"

36. Blackpink - Love to hate me

rose, blackpink, and the album image rose, blackpink, and lovesickgirls image
(No MV)
"You ain't worth my love if you only love to hate me
I'ma let you fade into the background
Baby, all my shows are gettin' too loud
Keep on turnin' it up when you want me down
Negative days, negative nights
Baby, you're wasting all your time
I can't relate, I keep it light
No-no-no drama in my life"

35. Lady Gaga & Blackpink - Sour candy

Lady gaga, rain on me, and chromatica image candy, blackpink, and cool image
(No MV)
"I'm sour candy
So sweet then I get a little angry, yeah
Sour candy, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I'm super psycho
Make you crazy when I turn the lights low
Sour candy, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah"

34. Twice - More & more (english ver.)

kpop, momo, and lq image twice image
(No MV)
"Even if you tell me goodbye
Whenever you open your eyes
You’ll think of me, you’re hypnotized
Yeah, yeah
You're gonna say
More, more, more, more, more and more
Can't help but say
More, more, more, and more
'Cause you can’t get enough"

33. Red Velvet - Bad boy (english ver.)

Image removed gif, red velvet, and seulgi image
(No MV)
"Cuz I, I know how to make the devil cry
Break em down looking in my eyes
That's what I'm doing here tonight"

32. SuperM - Jopping

lucas, mark, and superm image johnny, jaeyong, and dong sicheng image
"I don’t even care
Here we will burn on this stage
Left to the right
We gon' make it, make it bang"

31. Jay Park - Me like yuh

Temporarily removed jay park and kpop image
"Baby me like yuh
I'll make you feel so good
Do you just like I should
(I hope you know it
I hope you know it)"

30. Twice - Cry for me (english ver.)

kpop, once, and twice image aesthetic, icon, and kpop image
(No MV)
"Bad boy, bad boy
Yeah you really make mе a mad girl, mad girl
Woah oh oh
I want you to cry, cry for me
The way I cried for you, baby cry for mе
Make your rain fall
Cry for me but again"

29. Dua Lipa & Blackpink - Kiss and make up

lisa, rose, and jennie image blink, dua lipa, and jennie image
(No MV)
"Touch me like you touch nobody
Put your hands all up on me
Tired of hearing sorry
Kiss and make, ki-kiss and make up"

28. Eric Nam - No shame

eric nam image eric nam, kpop, and eric nam album image
(No MV)
"I wish I had no shame
I wish I felt no ways
I wish I could do what I want and feel no pain
I wish I could hurt you
The way that you hurt me
I wish I could do what I want and feel no shame"

27. Eric Nam - Love die young

korea, video, and kpop image eric nam, kpop, and eric nam album image
(No MV)
"Please don't let this love die young
If I'm gonna lose someone
Don't let it be you"

26. Monsta X - Middle of the night

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
"And I'll be on the way in the middle of the night
Cause I can never wait for the morning to rise
We're kissing in the car underneath of the night
You got me, you got me"

25. Henry - That one

asian, glasses, and Henry Lau image awesome, beautiful, and fantastic image
"Baby can you show me something
I just want some real lovin'
Don't you go playing
With my heart baby
Because this ain't a game
I'm just saying
I'm just looking for that one"

24. John Legend x Wendy - Written in the stars

album, john legend, and wendy image john legend, wendy, and son seungwan image
"You can go anywhere babe wherever you want
Because I know we're written in the stars"

23. Wonho - Losing you

black white, kpop, and lee image black white, shin hoseok, and hoseok image
"Baby I would go to war for you
Build an army if you need me to
Coz losing me is better than losing you"

22. Jackson Wang - Oxygen

got7, jackson, and kpop image got7, jackson, and jackson wang image
"Time keeps passing by
I'm just gonna slowly close my eyes
Can't breath for now I might die
Just hoping you'll be mine
Come back to my life"

21. Jackson Wang - Bullet to the heart

aesthetic, got7, and kpop image aesthetic, got7, and music video image
"Devil in a black dress
They must've kicked you out of heaven
I wish I knew you were an actress
I fell in love with your impression"

20. Monsta X - Misbehave

monsta x, monsta x boys, and monsta x album cover image wallpaper, minhyuk, and hyunwoo image
(No MV)
"I love it when we misbehave,
they say that we got issues,
but girl, that's why I'm with you
Love it when we mess this up,
every time we argue, straight into the bedroom
And we only break up, just so we can make up,
and I can hear you call my name
I love it when we misbehave"

19. Lay - Honey

aesthetic, album, and boys image exo, lay, and zhang yixing image
"Honey Honey
I know that you with it
Honey Honey
I'm really tryna feel it
Shanghai to L.A I'm a trendsetter
I'm the one for you can't nobody do you better
Honey Honey
Please don't catch no feelings"

18. NCT 127 - Regular (english ver.)

album, asia, and feed image korean, kpop, and nct dream image
"I like shining, you be lyin'
I be grindin', you waste time
Know you wanna roll with me
'Cause you know I put it down
When I show up, I'm the one and only
No, no, no (No, no)
Yeah, pull up in the Jag
Haters gon' be mad"

17. Dreamcatcher - Can't get you out of my mind

aesthetic, yoohyeon, and dreamcatcher image aesthetic, yoobin, and bora image
"It's up to you to realize
I'm waiting for you right behind
I need you now just tell me how
I can't get you out of my mind"

16. SuperM - Big chance

nct, taeyong, and superm image taeyong, nct, and superm image
"You wanna say you do but you don't
You wanna say you will but you won't
You wanna say you can but you can't
You fall to the pressure too many times
Again and again I hope you feel me understand"

15. SuperM - One

kpop and superm image exo, superm, and kai image
"No games, watch me deliver every time
Catch me in the latest driving spaceships
One way, we going up ain’t no decline
Landing in the matrix tryna break it
Hands up feel me, yeah
All the way to infinity, yeah
High we going up there‘s no decline
So if you’re aiming anywhere, aim high"

14. WayV - Love talk (english ver.)

winwin, wayv, and nct image lucas, winwin, and wayv image
(No MV)
"Baby we two distant strangers
I know you don't speak my language
But I love the way she's talking to me
I can hear it callin'
From where you are
Loving the way you wanna talk
Touch me tease me feel me up
Touch me tease me feel me up"

13. CLC - Helicopter (eng. ver.)

Image removed elkie, seungyeon, and yujin image
"Come with me, ain't afraid of no danger (Danger)
I got you, you got me and we gon' rise up (Oh, whoa)
I go up, helicopter, never give up (Ah) (Ooh)
I'm a pilot (Yeah)"

12. Loona - Star

kpop, star, and loona image kpop, hyunjin, and loona image
"I'm seeing star lights, star lights
Us against the sunrise
Shine our light all through the night
Close to me
You are all of me"

11. Sorn - Run

idol, kpop, and yeeun image idol, kpop, and yeeun image
Stuck here, waiting for what
What's here, but a whole lotta nothing
So why don't we, why don't we run
Do all the things that we want, yeah

10. Monsta X - Someone's someone

kpop, starship, and kpop edits image aesthetic, alternative, and kpop image
"We all wanna be someone's
Wanna be someone's someone
With somebody we can't live without"

9. BTS - Dynamite

bad boy, mv, and dynamite image bts, dynamite, and taehyung image
"'Cause I-I-I'm in the stars tonight
So watch me bring the fire and set the night alight (hey)
Shining through the city with a little funk and soul
So I'ma light it up like dynamite, whoa"

8. Henry - Monster

henry, Henry Lau, and kpop image aesthetic, couple, and Henry Lau image
"I don't wanna be a monster
But I've been here for days
Drinking too much now I want you
Can't get you off my brain"

7. SuperM - Better days

kpop, lucas, and mark image icons, mark lee, and nct u image
(No MV)
"Just gotta hold on
Yeah, I know that it hurts but the sun will shine through
There's gon be better days, better days, better days
Around the corner, it's true
I said I know there's gonna be better days for you"

6. D.O. (EXO) - For Life (english ver.)

boys, dyo, and dodo image background, kyungsoo, and do image
(No MV)
"Never gonna let you go
Giving you my heart and soul
I'll be right here with you for life
Oh, baby, all I wanna do
Is spend my every second with you
So look in my eyes
I'll be by your side"

5. NCT 127 - Highway to heaven (english ver.)

group photo, mark lee, and photoshoot image Temporarily removed
"We'll take the highway to heaven
And I can't wait to love you all alone
(Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, oh yeah, yeah)
We'll take the highway to heaven
On the 101, let's see just where it goes
(Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah oh yeah yeah)"

4. Monsta X - Who do you love

gif, kpop, and son image monsta x image
"Who do you love? Is it him or me?
'Cause I can't take the pressure anymore
Who do you love? Girl, it's killin' me
If you can't say that I'm the one for sure
Then I'm walkin' out the door"

3. Superm - With you

nct image kpop and superm image
"I'm not tryna fit in with everybody
Not tryna tick with the daily talk
I just wanna get lost
Tryna chase that feeling, replace bad feelings
With days wrapped up in the moments like this
Tryna chase that feeling, erase those ceilings
Inside I'm reeling for moments like this
With you
With you
With you
With you"

2. Yuqi - Bonnie & Clyde

chinese, cute, and mine* image chinese, cute, and mine* image
"We don't need money to feel good
'Cause you're the ride or die, the rest of my life
Don't need a party to feel high
We're like the modern version of Bonnie and Clyde"

1. Yuqi - Giants

yuqi, gidle, and yuqi gidle image yuqi, gidle, and yuqi gidle image
"I won't be afraid
Hesitation got me against the wall
No more mistakes like I made before
'Cause I know how to win this time
I'll rise up like a giant
Hold my head a little higher (Yeah)
So don't you doubt me
When I'm fighting my lonely nights"

So I put some not completely english, korean-english mix songs in here, because I think if more than a half of the song is in english then it counts as it

Also don't judge only from the lyrics, give it a listen then make your opinion about it.

Thanks for reading. Have a nice day! ❤️