hi, here's your non-native friend miel ♥ how are you doing?

since i am not a native english talker i needed to learn every single thing like grammar, vocabulary, speaking etc. by myself and with the help of my school.

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if you think learning a language is a piece of cake, you are so wrong. i know a lot of people who can write very well but when it comes to speaking they just struggle. it happens to everyone though, not only to them.

it happened to me as well. i got over it but it was tough to get used to talking and hearing english everyday instead of my native language. for a while, it felt very weird.

it took my two months to get back to normal but it honestly felt like two weeks. i was extremely silent until then, i was trying to accustom myself to daily language.

yes, it takes time to get used to this reality because everyone has different accents, even you. it's not like hearing clear voices from a workbook CD - but that's what makes it interesting.
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anyway, in my first year i made a lot of friends that i still talk with and realized it is right. you can improve your speaking skills, grammar and vocabulary just by yourself.

note: most people are willing to help you improve your language by correcting your mistakes without being judgy. but remember, you can lead a horse but you can't make it drink. so, be eager.

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now, let's talk about the ways to expand your vocabulary at home.

so, you're at home...

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bingeing your favourite TV show, or a movie, animation, perhaps an anime? oh, maybe you prefer reading books instead of all these.

i am going to ask a few questions to you right now and i want you to think of an answer as yes or no:

1) do you read that book in your own language?

if your answer is yes, continue reading this section. if no, jump to the next one.

2) what language is that show? do you use english subtitles? (or whatever language you are improving at)

if your answer is yes, pass to the next section. if no, continue reading from here.

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did you ever questioned yourself why don't you open english subtitles instead of your native language? or why not give this book a go in english? what would it take from you?

nothing, but it is more comfortable that way. because you can easily understand everything. i know. i've been there.

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i sometimes still do that because time to time i feel too lazy to look up in a dictionary and search every word i don't understand.


have you ever wondered how that complex sentence will be translated into english? don't you have a desire to learn how to say that?

or what does that word you commonly use in your own language means in english? how do they use it in daily life? in which ways? does that word even exist in english?

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side note: i personally use tureng app on my phone (and it has a website as well) to translate. there's only four languages available but i'm sure there are better ones avabilable for your language :D

the only way to be able to answer these questions is to use that phone, open a dictionary app / take that dictionary from your bookshelf and search it.

every word you searched will eventually take a place in your mind to remember while writing and when you use it enough, talking.

***it is important to know where and how to use every word so you don't accidentally create a misunderstanding.
to avoid this situation, please take a look at examples of how to use the word in a sentence, make sure you fully understand its function.***
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for example, let's look up the meaning of imply on cambridge dictionary. imply (verb) /ɪmˈplaɪ/ to communicate an idea or feeling without saying it directly: Are you implying (that) I'm fat? now it's more clear how/where to use it, right?

of course, sometimes we just don't write and neither do we talk but we still want to improve our vocabulary. don't worry, i have a solution for this too.

here's the solution:

you probably wrote down some words you just learned with their meanings next to them. or you are about to.

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now, look at your list of words and try to pick one. it's going to be the one you'll practice for a while so pick the one you know you'll use in daily life.

you are going to use this word with your friends or while you are talking to yourself. try to use as often as you can so that you won't forget its existence.

replace the old, rusty words with the brand new ones you just learned.

let's pretend you learned to word 'stargaze': instead of saying 'i observed the stars last night' say 'i stargazed last night' sounds (and fits) better, don't you think? this is why we expand our vocabulary after all!

when you use a word repetitively it begins to settle both in your vocabulary and your mind and that's why i recommend doing this to you

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!!! a life-saving tip: don't use phrases like 'thingy-thing' when you forget a word. this prevents you from improving your vocabulary because you don't feel the need to remember the word & lack your mnemonic skills in a way. !!!
  • here are some articles (not mine) if you are indecisive of what to read or watch and need recommendations:

do world puzzles or play word games

this isn't only just a fun way to expand your vocabulary but it's good for your memory as well.

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some might find them annoying because sometimes the game gives very basic words most people already know like spoon or fork, but believe me, they are necessary. - i remember forgetting the word for fork and trying to describe it as the lover of spoon :D

the good thing about word games are when you play them over and over again you get a chance to remember and write the same word couple of times. this counts as a practice too, doesn't it?

however, games like this can be quite overwhelming when played too much. remember that you can't learn fifty words a day, it's unrealistic. don't push yourself too much & give time to it.

i am leaving two blogs that suggested some great word game apps to make it easier for you to find a suitable one:

· bookriot.com/best-word-game-apps-2018/
· fossbytes.com/best-word-game-apps-android-ios/

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OR you can buy a traditional one like scrabble to play with your friends and family & even punish the loser at the end (we did it with friends and the loser had to put her hand in trash bin full of nasty things)

you don't have any games like scrabble at all but you still want to play a word puzzle traditionally? then i have another solution for you!

the game 'name, place and animal' (for any age)

so, what do you need to play this one?

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  • a pencil
  • a paper
  • minimum of two people (count yourself in)

note: you need one paper and pencil per person.

how to play it: one of you will have to start counting all the letters in your mind and the other one should say stop at one point (because) the letter you stop is the one you are going to be working on first round.
so basicly, if this letter is L, you have to find a name, city, animal and a thing starts with L. (ex: Leo, Luxembourg, Leopard, Limousine)
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one of you probably will finish writing first and have to wait others to do so. count twenty seconds for others to finish, and when it is over everyone has to drop the pencils.
and then... points will be given to everyone. at the end of ten rounds the one with the most points is the winner. :D
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WARNING: this game does not teach you any words since you write what you already know, but pushes you to remember the buried ones in your mind which i think is as important as learning new ones.

you'll struggle to find words at first but it will get better once you play a few rounds, don't worry. it happens to almost everyone. - and i have to tell, some letters are very tough to work with. . . good luck.

play with langauge like a child does

i was playing sims 4 and one of my characters were trying to teach the child some words with playing cards, and i thought, oh. here's another way.

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of course you don't need cards on this one, but imagine. a child uses the word she learned in different ways possible, right? you should too.

let me explain it to you by a quotation from fast company's website

“Consider, instead, the way children play with language. A 5-year-old who says, ‘He was a snowman and he snowmanned up my yard in the snowmaniest way!’ demonstrates a solid understanding of language mechanics.”

as the website says, you probably don't want to use the trick in the exact same way, but take it as an example. when you learn the word sail, think - who sails? sailor, right? i think that's a great way to expand your vocabulary.

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so practically we just need to add affixes to a word and that's it!

affix (noun) /ˈæf.ɪks/ a letter or group of letters added to the beginning or end of a word to make a new word

like a child, you should try making conversations with the words you experimented with and even you fail you shouldn't be dissappointed.


this is the way goes to success and every step is an improvement ♥ and as i said in the beginning be eager and try to practice everyday :)


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for now, remind yourself to drink water and have a nice day. when you look in the mirror tell nice things to yourself. always be proud of how far you came, no matter what ♥

if you want a chapter two of this, please let me know.