Elijah Roveus Moriarty

born the 24th of March at Carmarthen, Wales

aka this 16 y.o. pureblood!


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Elijah is a boy who stands at 5'6" with messy dark curls and piercing brown eyes. He arbors a scar on his face due to an argument that went wrong. When it comes to clothes, he particularly fancies grunge ones. He likes wearing black but that doesn't stop him from adding a couple of colours from time to time. // faceclaim: Benjamin Wadsworth


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He was born in Wales before moving with his uncle to England.

Hogwarts House

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He has been sorted into Slytherin without any surprise.


Elijah is a person who perfectly knows how to be discreet when needed, and if he doesn't prefer to use brutal force in order to make things go his way, he uses his words instead. Or maybe is it because of his surprising abhorrence of blood? Still, it doesn't stop him from being an open-minded person who tries to not let his emotions take control over his actions. He appears friendly to some as he can seem intimidating to others. But only those who manage to break down his barriers are able to catch a glimpse of these hidden feelings and his emotional side.

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Elijah was supposedly the only child of Valeria Shrew and Linden Moriarty, a peculiar couple to the eye of outsiders. His parents had a strange reputation as death-eaters allies, but their son has always been oblivious to their true actions. The boy still liked them even if they didn't seem to return the feeling as much as he did and saw them as role models. Sadly a tragic event occurred one day and he lost both of his parents... or at least that's what he thought back then as his mother has been recently reported to be alive. Nevertheless, a very close man of his family called Berilac took him under his wing and they both moved to England, somewhere deep in the woods and far from any city. Elijah is still looking for his mother though, but little does he know she's not very far. And also staying with Angus, his half brother whom he's never heard of before. // faceclaims: Natasha Lyonne, Keanu Reeves & Chris Trindade


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He has a barn owl named Crescent who he takes great care of. He is also rumored to have a pet crow, but little do they know this particular crow is in fact an animagus.


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The mink for his trickster personality, although it is not advised to trust him.

- He is part of the Slytherin quidditch team.
- Surprisingly, he has a soft spot cute things.