A Playlist u can enjoy while reading a book, or while watching outside of the window... up to you to decide

coffee, home, and house image cold, dark, and fog image

โฆ Bewley In Grey- Bibio
โฆ Atumn Leaves- Ed Sheeran
โฆ Raining in Paris- The Maine
โฆ Cold Coffee- Ed Sheeran
โฆ Stormy Weather- Etta James

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โฆ Keep The Quiet Out- JP Cooper
โฆ Sweather Weather- The Neighbourhood
โฆ The Wisp Sings- Winter Aid
โฆ Dead Sea- The Lumineers
โฆ Mad Sounds- Arctic Monkeys

candle, autumn, and fall image bed, window, and bedroom image

โฆ Time- Pink Floyd
โฆ Feeling You- Harrison Storm
โฆ Ivy- Frank Ocean
โฆ Work Song- Hozier
โฆ In the Woods Somewhere- Hozier

autumn, fall, and candle image book, autumn, and coffee image

โฆ Slow it Down- The Lumineers
โฆ To Be Alone- Hozier
โฆ Running- James Bay
โฆ Cherry Wine- Hozier
โฆ Autumn Town Leaves- Iron & Wine

link below, hope u enjoy it