i want to be loved, deeply.
to be the centre of ones thoughts;
to be a dream that one wants so badly to grasp.

i want my lover to believe we are intertwined souls,
travelling through life together - no matter the road.

i want them to love with a passion they've never felt before,
to believe we are the perfect harmony, the perfect score.

i want them to stare at me and admire my eyes,
to appreciate the flaws that im still learning to love,
to place their hands over the place of my beating heart.

to want badly to memorise its sound, every beat as beautiful
as the one before.
i want them to think of our love as beauty itself,
to believe the best when i am at my worst.

i want our love to be golden, when the world is a dark red.
mostly, i want to be loved relentlessy.
i want an old world love, to be doted on - to be held close.

and i want to do the same.
i want to admire the way they speak, walk and the way they think.
to admire the way they see the world, and their deepest thoughts.

i want to hold their hands and believe they are everything to me and more.
to believe if we stood against the world, we would bring a fiery war.

i want a love that is relentless, that sets a fire within my soul.
perhaps, i am a hopeless romantic.
perhaps, i am pining for something impossible.

but instead, i like to think i am a lover.
i yearn to be loved, the way i yearn to love them.
love, love, love.

because, its what we all need at the end.