In this new mini-series (that I binged over the last two days and will probably re-watch once I finished writing this article) Zac Efron and Darin Olien travel around the globe to explore various different topics and offer unique perspectives regarding environmental issues.

Zac and Darin both manage to break down highly complicated problems into valuable lessons by interviewing locals and experts on topics ranging from water pollution, sustainable farming, greener energy to longevity. They go to:

  • Iceland
  • France
  • Costa Rica
  • Sardinia
  • Lima
  • Puerto Rico
  • London, Iceland
  • and Iquitos

There are many different reasons why the series is great, apart from the high-quality production and the opportunity to explore the world from the comfort of your bedroom - so, I picked 3 of those reasons I want to outline for you today:

#1 Great Projects

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In every episode, you learn about a variety of projects, communities and organizations and their messages and ventures from all across the globe. From renewable energies, picking up trash to rain forest and animal conservation organizations - there are so many great causes you get to know and may want to support from now on.

Some of the resources where I've discovered multiple projects and causes I fell in love with: (scroll down to 'our campaigns')

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#2 Personal & Unique Stories

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check out and for more tree planting stories

Especially when you are new to the whole environmentalism niche, it can be quite hard to grasp the great significance of taking action if you're only confronted with numbers and statistics (even though they are equally important to distribute).

The inspiring stories of Sigurđur (Iceland), Francesco (Sardinia), Tarek (Iquitos) and especially the ones of children like Mila (Costa Rica) José (Puerto Rico), fill you with enthusiasm and hope for a better future.

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Also, I was so thrilled when I saw Ella ( talk about her approach to plant-based food and how simple yet delicious it can be. She and her husband are currently working on making plant based foods more affordable and accessible - which inspires me and many others to support her even more!

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definitely check her out - she also has a youtube channel:

As soon as you can put a face to certain environmental issues and stories, it gets a lot easier to persist with your plan of getting more environmentally friendly, even when it gets hard. I, for one, want to take Down To Earth as an example when reporting on environmental issues in the future - and give you guys real life examples, stories and more background information and tangible knowledge.

#3 Relatable

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Unfortunately, the miniseries got some backlash for the casual tone and quantity of 'Dude!' expressed during the many epiphanies Zac and Darin display throughout the episodes.

But I have to say, being used to the dry- and seriousness of some other environmental documentaries, this relatable way of exploring important issues gives the show its unique charm that makes it easy and fun to watch.

I believe it is important to acknowledge the hard work and dedication that went into this series and that this might be the perfect start for people who want to delve deeper into environmentalism but don't know where and how to start. After all, having honest and authentic conversations about serious topics is very hard when you are not used to it. And, I feel like the series manages to keep the balance between having fun in nature and appreciating and understanding the importance of protecting our planet.

Also, throughout the episodes Zac's voice over summarizes and highlights important lessons they've learned and he gives various easy tips on how to live a more environmental conscious life.

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Overall, I would really recommend checking out the series (and the links above)! And, if you do so, tell me what you think about it - I'm always happy to talk with you!

As always, thanks for reading and I hope I'll see you next time!

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