inspired by


eyes, eye, and brown image girl, summer, and hair image aesthetic, art, and beige image asian fashion, kfashion, and ulzzang fashion image
dark brown eyes, hair's a little longer than shoulder length, light brown skin, kind of on the thin side


aesthetic, beige, and korean image fashion, jeans, and style image fashion, outfit, and clothes image fashion, style, and outfit image
comfortable, chic, minimalist, and (whenever i feel confident) body-hugging


grunge, aesthetic, and black image asian, gif, and japan image pen and notebook image aesthetic, art, and picasso image
insecure, detail-oriented, organised, artistic


girl, glasses, and book image Abusive image girl, hair, and hair style image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
i have reading glasses, i'm studying architecture, i pick up on the tinest of sounds, you'll find me buying books whenever i'm free


architecture, papers, and study image netflix and snapchat image Image removed quotes and words image
work, netflix, learning something new (right now, i'm learning adobe illustrator), activism

dream lifestyle

aesthetic, alternative, and architecture image travel, world, and country image love, couple, and kiss image girl, light, and room image
working for a good architecture firm, travel a lot, find love, making good memories

favorite quotes

broken heart, him, and life image quotes, sad, and die image quotes, sad, and thoughts image Image removed

favorite colors

pantone, color, and pink image pantone, color, and pink image pantone, blue, and aesthetic image pantone, color, and pink image

favorite animals

dog, animal, and cute image art, animal, and hedgehog image adorable, black and white, and happy image animal, giraffe, and sky image
dogs, hedgehogs, pandas, giraffes

favorite foods

burger, food, and hipster image food, pasta, and yummy image food, tacos, and delicious image cheese, cheesy, and cooking image
burger, pasta, tacos, calzone

favorite desserts

donuts, food, and pink image Image by Elva Alvarez🦩 Temporarily removed food, FRUiTS, and yummy image
donuts, croissants, ice cream, fruits

favorite drinks

daylight, picture, and trees image aesthetic, theme, and red image alcohol and drinking image drink, summer, and food image
water, coca cola, vodka, fruit juice


study, coffee, and studying image Image removed book, aesthetic, and cozy image art, aesthetic, and drawing image
writing & researching, listening to music, reading books, drawing and painting

favorite movies

movie, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, and blue image Image removed anime, gif, and koe no katachi image anime, your name, and taki image
eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, jojo rabbit, a silent voice, kimi no na wa

favorite tv shows

aesthetic, klaus, and the umbrella academy image andy samberg, love, and jake peralta image revolution, serie, and netflix image moss, the it crowd, and maurice moss image
the umbrella academy, brooklyn nine nine, we are the wave, the it crowd

favorite movie character

Clueless, gif, and paul rudd image before sunrise, film, and richard linklater image 10 things i hate about you, aesthetic, and movie image timothee chalamet, call me by your name, and boy image
josh from clueless, celine from before sunrise, kat from 10 things i hate about you, elio from call me by your name

favorite books

book, red, and plant image haruki murakami and norwegian wood image Inspiring Image on We Heart It book, books, and bookworm image
a man called ove, norwegian wood, wonder, turtles all the way down

favorite book characters

fire, fingers, and hands image fashion, aesthetic, and jacket image brunette, gryffindor, and harry potter image flowers, forever 21, and montevideo image
leo valdez, simon spier, hermione granger, theodore finch

favorite male singers

boy, yungblud, and celebrity image boy and lauv image aesthetic, celebrity, and orange image banjo, guitar, and michigan image
yungblud, lauv, troye sivan, sufjan stevens

favorite female singers

Image removed halsey image sasha sloan image dog, chelsea cutler, and bernedoodle image
melanie martinez, halsey, sasha sloan, chelsea cutler

favorite bands

the 1975, band, and matty healy image b&w, band, and photography image alex turner and arctic monkeys image alex gaskarth, all time low, and atl image
the 1975, linkin park, arctic monkeys, all time low

favorite albums

Image removed Image by Peach Sugar album, all time low, and love image aesthetic, glow, and pastel image
blue neighbourhood, badlands, last young renegade, i like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it

favorite songs

alternative, concert, and vsco image fears, keane, and music image aesthetic, boys, and icon image Image by Deepix grey
less than i do- the band camino, somewhere only we know- keane, irl- dysn, trouble-halsey

favorite lyrics

Image removed linkin park, one more light, and album image band, music, and nickelback image boys, celebrities, and music image
mrs. potato head- melanie martinez, one more light- linkin park, how you remind me- nickelback, robin hood- anson seabra