which greek god is your favorite?
angel, wings, and aesthetic image beautiful, dreamy, and harp image
apollo, god of the sun, healing, and music
which greek goddess is your favorite?
Image by tenderlygirl flowers, nature, and mountains image
demeter, goddess of the harvest and natural law
which greek monster is your favorite?
Image by grinch art, girl, and nature image
if you could have any god's powers, whose would it be?
poseidon, ocean, and aesthetic image boat, sailing, and ship image
poseidon - it'd be nice to know how to swim
aphrodite or athena?
aesthetic image mirror and girl image
aphrodite. she seems toxic but much more fun than athena.
hercules or perseus?
black, death, and french image medusa and statue image
i mean, it has to be perseus, right?
zeus or poseidon?
italy, sculpture, and art image blw image
definitely poseidon. he seems chiller._
hades or demeter?
fashion, outfit, and poses image hay and pitchfork image
demeter. she's simply the best
hephaestus or ares?
fire, iron, and metal image aesthetic image
probably hephaestus. he seems pretty cool, just building stuff.
apollo or artemis?
hands, harp, and music image boy and man image
as cool as it would be to be a hunter, i've always loved everything apollo stands for - music, medicine, poetry.
what would you want to be the god/deity of?
couple, love, and dance image
loyalty. check out^^
what would be your patron animal?
animals, cats, and kitten image dog, cute, and puppy image
what city would you be the patron of?
beach, blue, and Greece image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
the island santorini.
what would be your symbol?
flowers and nature image art, violet, and cuadro image

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