Honestly i don't know what's the title for this article yet but what i'm gonna be doing today is just complain about all the things that are wrong with the people out there and the stupid things they do that annoy the hell out of me every day.

*Exhales* ¡Ok, i'm better now!

Hi guys 🙃🤍.. it's been a while since i posted a new article. To be honest i just ran out of ideas again, wich is horrible bc i really love writing articles for you. As always thanks for your support, you don't have idea how happy that makes me 🌈✨

Let's dive right into it

1.Question or try to change my decisions or opinions about something

Ok i know i'm still underage but that doesn't give people the right to think they know better than me, like i'm a really smart and respectful person, that's why i accept advices or opinions as long i ask for them.
I never do anything important in my life without a reason or information.

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I respect your ideals, you'll do the same

2. Make me feel out of place or push me aside

I've been struggling with social anxiety for some time now and it's not easy for people to understand it so my "friends" always saw me as the quiet and peaceful one and took that as an excuse to make me feel excluded. And i didn't say anything for fear of what people would say if they saw me alone.

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I still don't have real friends but that's way better than being someone i'm not and keep quiet.

3. Criticize my personality

I don't even get why people have to do this, like it's none of their fucking business who i am or how i act, i am not even the same person to everyone. I need some time to trust in someone and that's okay bc my life hasn't been easy and i don't have to explain you or give you details about my life or tell you why i'm like this.

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I have a "weird" personality to some people but what's important is if i'm okay with it. ME

4. Make fun of my dreams or goals

My dad is a really closeminded person, it's like the typical stereotype, he is so obsessed with me getting high grades and that stuff but he still thinks that working in any kind of art career is a waste of time and you won't get paid for living. The other time he made a really hurtful comment about what i wanna study, and i felt so offended. He won't get to decide what i'm gonna do, is my problem.

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5. Point out my imperfections

I got a mirror, bitch, did you know it? Like i seriously don't see why someone feels the need to tell you if you have something "wrong" or not,oh wait i actually know it, INSECURITY
I know people in my family that actually do this like everyday as a "joke" What the hell is funny on that?

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I'm still on my way of loving me

6. Judge me by my facial expressions

Most of the people i've ever known, even teachers or older people thinks i'm arrogant, narcissistic or something, just by my normal gestures and even my face bc i'm "pretty" (beauty is subjective) if you do this please stop, yes it can be easy to judge other people without even wanting to, but it's a stereotype.

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7. Take advantage of my kindness

I'm a really grateful and nice person bc i like treating people as i would like to be treated, GOOD. But the people around you see that as weakness and try to manipulate you thinking it'll go unnoticed, they are always wrong. I'm not stupid or submissive.

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8. Use me as your second choice

The fact that i always try to be a good friend by listening to you or putting you first and it's hard to talk about my personal life sometimes doesn't mean i'm less worthy or interesting. I remember how a girl invited another to the movies in front of me and when she couldn't go, she turned to me because i was her last option. It was so humilliating

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9. Mess with my music

If you don't fucking like the song i'm listening to then keep it to yourself, everyone has their different taste on music, different favorite artists and genres. Why you have to give your opinion if it wasn't requested in the first place?

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10. Ignore me
If i'm talking to you, you will hear me out and give me a proper answer, comment or at least a nod. Ignoring a person it's just so disrespectful. You won't get tired for having good manners.

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And that's all for today's article, if you have read this far i want you to know that i appreciate it with all my heart and i invite you to give me a heart and follow me 💌

Be free to use this as inspiration for your new article and just blow off some steam, i would love to read it 🌷💜

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