This is one of the most important topics for everyone in their lifes. It's the reason you do something & don't do something. Motivation and it's results influence your happiness and quality of life.

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I was always falling into habit of waiting for inspiration and motivation. Somehow I was expecting for someone to come to me with a list of goals and a motivaltional letter where I will get all the information which will make me do my best and reach ultimate success. But guess what? No one came.

When you don't know why you do things people are really fast to decide for you. I'm not speaking for everyone but in my life I was guided into nothingness for a long time then I ended up in a place with my body and soul where I didn't like to be and it got quite sad very quickly.

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Make sure you know your values. You can search what it is and what it could mean for you. It's a good starting point.

List things you want to have even if they are materialistic. It was my big mistake to avoid playing "I'm not a capitalist" game. Even though I don't need expensive things but I still want to buy some items that genuinely make me happy after a long time. By treating yourself from time to time you grow to appreciate small things, not make big financial mistakes in the future and not overspend.

Manifest. Write about your future like it's already happened. Don't think to much about how you will get to that point. Just imagine the surroundings, people, events to the smallest detail and how you want it to be. When you dare to dream your chances of actually getting what you want are so much bigger than when you sure it won't happen.

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And the biggest one: do what you can with what you have where you are. Once you know what makes your heartbeat go faster, your stomach fills with a nice feeling then nothing can stop you. It doesn't mean you won't have set backs or failures but it's not the end. The failure simply shows you what doesn't work. But, please, don't give up after your first fail, get immune to the sadness and always improve something. And remember, the dream must be so desirable that you simply can't stop until you are there living your best life.

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I did this mistake: I was losing motivation so fast and was so confused: why it didn't last longer. But I came to realization: it's a habit to remind yourself of what you're striving for and things you want to achieve. Make it into a routine to revise/reread/remind yourself of your goals to see what still makes you excited, what makes a positive influence on your body physically & emotionally. It's actually OK to change some goals if they don't go along with your values at some point of reevaluation.

To all my big dreamer out there:
dream about big and exciting things. Life will surprise you. You might end up not where you wanted but in so much better place, just trust yourself and the Universe.

Thank You for your time!