one✧what's your favorite current song?
ora che ti guardo bene by Gazzelle
two✧what's your favorite all-time song?
gives you hell by the All American Rejects
three✧what's your favorite summer memory?
driving with the windows down and music blasting
four✧who's your best friend?
my sisters
five✧who's your favorite fictional character?
Patrick Verona

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six✧what's your zodiac sign?
seven✧what's your favorite book/series?
eight✧what's your favorite constellation?
nine✧what's your favorite season?
summer bc I get to travel
ten✧who do you trust most?
my dad

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eleven✧what's your favorite childhood tv show?
Wizards of Waverly Place
twelve✧what's your favorite current tv show?
New Girl
thirteen✧if you could go back in time would you? if so what would you do?
nahhhh, I worked too hard to get where I am today and I'm genuinely happy now.
fourteen✧where do you want to travel most in the world?
fifteen✧have you ever been in love?
haaaa unfortunately yes

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sixteen✧what's your favorite color?
it changes everyday... today it's pink
seventeen✧what's your favorite animal?
baby cat...kitty
eighteen✧if you were a plant, what would you be?
nineteen✧what's your favorite food?
twenty✧what's your favorite flower?

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twenty-one✧who's your favorite celebrity?
twenty-two✧who's your favorite singer?
twenty-three✧what's your favorite thing to do?
paint, draw, art
twenty-four✧what country/state/province do you live in?
*LA... Louisiana *
twenty-five✧what's your favorite place you've ever been?
italyyyyy... all of it

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twenty-six✧where do you want to live when you're older?
probably DC, but I wouldn't hate living in Italy heh
twenty-seven✧what career do you want to pursue?
twenty-eight✧how many kids do you want to have?
hmmm more than six
twenty-nine✧what's your favorite holiday?
thirty✧how many languages do you speak?
*2 and a half... *

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thirty-one✧what's your favorite beverage?
rum n coke
thirty-two✧how do you destress?
I cry hahahaha
thirty-three✧what's your favorite store?
Pull and Bear
thirty-four✧are you more religious or spiritual?
thirty-five✧do you believe in aliens?
of course

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thirty-six✧do you believe in soulmates?
omg yes
thirty-seven✧do you believe in fate?
thirty-eight✧do you believe in karma?
nahhhh, more like God's justice
thirty-nine✧what's your favorite sport to play?
forty✧what's your favorite sport to watch?
men's soccer

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forty-one✧what's your favorite type of weather?
fresh and windy, but warm enough
forty-two✧what's your favorite painting?
the kiss
forty-three✧what's your aesthetic if you have one?
hmmmm im not even sure
forty-four✧do you prefer art classes or math and science?
all of the above
forty-five✧do you like learning about history?

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forty-six✧if you were an animal what would you be?
mini cat
forty-seven✧if you were a plant what would you be?
still a sun flower
forty-eight✧what three words would you describe yourself with?
loving, happy, dramatic
forty-nine✧what kind of friend are you?
the best
fifty✧what's your fondest memory?
smoking on my front porch with my parents

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al questions written by @Argonaut
just found her profile, loving it!!