The short legend stories impact of Jesus on human history is so obvious and so enormous that few people would question his placement near the top of his list.Indeed, the more likely question is why Jesus ,who is the inspiration for the most influential religion in history ,has not been placed first.There is no question that Christianity,over the course of time ,has had farmore adherents than any other religion.However,it is not the relative influence of different religious that is being estimated in this book,but rather the relative influence of individual men.the short legend stories Christianity unlike Islam ,was not founded by a single person but by two people Jesus and st,Paul and the principle credit for its development must therefore be apportioned between those two figures.Jesus formulated the basic ethical ideas of Christianity as well as it’s basic spiritual outlook and it’s main ideas econcerning human conduct Christian theology short legend stories , however ,was shaped principally by the work of st. Paul Jesus presented a spiritual message Paul added to that the worship of christ.Furthermore ,st.paul was the author of a considerable portion of the new testament,and was the main proselytizing force for Christianity during the first century.jesus was still fairly young when he died (unlike Buddha or Muhammad) and he Left behind a limited number of disples.At the time of Jesus death,his followers simply formed a smaee Jewish seet.It was due in considerable measure to pails writing,and to his tireless proselytizing efforts,that this small seet was transformed into a dynamic and much greater movement ,which reached non Jews as well as Jews ,we can know jeuse short legend stories, read more :