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i don’t want to lose myself trying to love you... i don’t want to be heartbroken... i don’t want to feel pain... i don’t want to lose you.

i’m not a selfish person...
but i know i avoid my toxic traits..

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i just selfishly want you.
i crave you like no other...

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the way you look at me
the way you smile
the way you laugh

love, quotes, and smile image

the way you wonder
the way you play
the way you talk

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the way you touch
the way you hold
the way you feel

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i crave it all. i want it all. all to myself. no one else.

i’ve always been selfless...
who knew love could make me feel so selfish..?

i’ll never change to please anyone
i’ll never pretend to be who i am not

i’ll never act like i don’t care about you...
cause i do care. i always will.

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i’ll always love you.
& that’s what scares me.

“your love is scaring me, no one has ever cared for me as much as you do.”

for that, i thank you...

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for helping me face the sides of myself that i tend to push away.
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for helping me break down my walls and coming out of my shell.
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for helping me understand what love is about and what it comes with.
broken, fight, and happy image
for helping me experience and explore new things.
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for helping me see what i've been missing out on.
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for helping me face all of my deep fears...

you don’t change in love, love changes you.

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you’ve taught me that. & i want to know more.

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i simply just want more. & more only with you.

are you really truly ready for me?
can you actually handle all of this?
will you be able to deal with my love?

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how i love is...

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it’s all the ways i love myself. and it’s all the ways i love you.

all of the ways
i will,

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& this is only the beginning.