Day Two,

Dear crush,

As I never had a crush, this will be a letter to my imaginary crush

Dear imaginary crush,

You won't ever read this letter but this permits me to get what I have on my heart off my chest.

At first sight, you were just good-looking to me. And then, after some time, you became very handsome for me. The first time I saw you was in the school corridor in the beginning of the year because we were not in the same class. You were in the class of my friend, so I always came and met her hoping to see you. Most of the time, I did.

When I saw you sent me a follow request on Instagram, it made me happy thinking you know I exist. Every time I saw your posts on my feed, it makes me smile.

I don't have a lot to tell you. I hope you won't forget me because I won't forget you

Love, Noémie

Inspired by @bex_st
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