since quarentine has started i've found myself falling back in love with the mcu, after rewatching it in it's entierty. this has caused many, many daydreams of being in the universe which in turn has created this. i hope you enjoy! all credit to @justjermaine for creating this trend!


name: Carrie Marie Nicks
birthday: December 3rd, 1990
alias: Undercover Queen, affectionatly and jokingly


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Carrie was born into a wealthy, political family consisting of her congressional father and his third trophy wife. Her parents were known to generously gift money to a few large mafias in New York since before she was born. It only got worse for them once her father became tangled with Hydra, giving them money for mutual protection: his family's protection and a rigged political campaign for the group's protection from the rest of the city. WHen his campaign fell through, so did the money, leading to Hydra capturing the three, planning to hold them hostage, until Carrie, the street smart 15 year old, managed to narrowly escape, only to find her parents dead as the reprocutions of her actions. Nick Fury brought her into S.H.I.E.L.D hoping to put to use any information she might've had, but all Carrie wanted was revenge. Director Fury saw nothing but potential in her, keeping her close to them as she grew up, finally recruiting her to become an agent as soon as she turned 18. She trained quickly, passing every test thrown her way with flying colors, becoming the youngest agent in the bureau. Carrie took a liking to undercover missions and excelled at gaining more information than any agents had been able to while never breaking her cover. Her techinqiues in the feild led to the downfall of many gangs and mafias, as well as the uncovering and destrucion of many Hydra bases. Her work has become that of legends within the newest agents, her stories echoed by many. She had started lessening her missions to favor the restructing of the training, using her knowlegde and tactics to help train the next generation of S.H.I.E.L.D. She spoke little of her ways for a long time befoore opening up anout her ways of "seduce and destroy." She became friends with a few other agents, such as Maria Hill, but became close to the Avengers since their forming. She's been particularly close with Natasha, Sam, and Pietro. Carrie was very vocal in her support of Bucky Barnes joining the Avengers, seeing potential and fire within him the same Fury had with her before. Upon his joining, she took to him quickly, wanting him to feel welcome with the agents as well as with his team. Sam, however, wanted nothing more than for the two of them together. The two danced around eachother with casual flirting, banter and gifts, always claiming to others that they were just good friends. Eventually, after a long New Year's Stark Gala, the two shared a kiss and ended the night and started the year completely inseperable. Carrie had taken on an undercover mission soon into their relationship and founf it nearly impossible to bare leaving Bucky without contact for so long. She approached Fury about leaving S.H.I.E.L.D. once she completed the mission, only for him to counteroffer her a new position as a director, keeping her close and in less danger, a job she couldn't refuse.


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She has shoulder length, naturally wavy blonde hair and deep brown eyes.



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When in the office or off missions, Carrie prefers blazers, skirts, heels, and anything that demands attention and controls the room.

galas and charity events

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Carrie likes to stick with black, red, and gold dresses and simple jewlery, timless looks.


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Her casual style is pretty laid back, but at home with Buck, never expect for her to have pants on.


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Carrie isn't particularlly shy, but she knows it's best to keep to herself sometimes. She'd do anything for those whom she loves, especially since there are so few. She's known to be pretty straight forward and stubborn, especially at work. Carrie is pretty flatly sarcastic and bubbly with her friends, always loving her playful fights with them.


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Carrie spends a lot of time working, even often bringing her work home, but when she doesn't do that, she busys herself with reading, baking, painting, and dragging Bucky around to new resturaunts.


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Bucky and Carrie have been together for two and a half years, working together on field missions better than anyone would have expected. They moved into a small apartment in the heart of Brooklyn togther after a year.


thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed!