❈Full Name: Ginevra Marie Pevensie
❈Nickname(s): Ginny, Gin, Little Cub
❈Title: Queen Ginevra the Courageous


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Ginny has blonde hair that is past shoulder length by the time of the third film (Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader), bright blue eyes, fair skin with light freckles covering her face, and plump pink lips. By the third film, she is just a head taller than Lucy.


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Her main personality is courage, thus being crowned as Queen Ginevra the Courageous by Aslan. Ginny is also very compassionate towards her loved ones and very kind. When she was younger, Ginny had a wide imagination, a trait that she shared with her sister Lucy and was very free-spirited.


Helen and Mr. Pevensie (parents)
Harold and Alberta Scrubb (uncle and aunt)

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Ginny was born to Helen and Mr. Pevensie as the youngest of five children. Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy are her older brothers, Peter being her oldest brother. Out of her siblings, Ginny was closer to Lucy. She's also the niece of Harold and Alberta Scrubb and cousin of Eustace Scrubb.