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Which Greek god is your favourite?

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apollo - not only am i convinced he is a pansexual king but the warmth of his personality is just * chefs kiss * also the artistic side of him just makes him the only realistic and non-misogynistic gods.

Which Greek goddess is your favourite?

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artemis - her overall vibe is amazing, a cross between dark acadamia and cottagecore. she's fierce and the fact that she's sworn off men has convinced me she's a lesbian.

Which greek creature is your favourite?

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medusa - she is the definition of deserved better. her story is just so amazing and still holds truth today.

If you could take any god or goddess' powers whose would you take?

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demeter - she is my cottagecore queen. i wish i could just magically grow plants and fruits.

aphrodite or athena

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aphrodite - most people see aphordite as shallow but i see her as a figure who appreciates all form of beauty and stands for empowerment. the love portion of her powers is also beautiful

hercules or perseus

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perseus - hercules is an overhyped misogynistic mess whereas perseus just wanted to explore and help people

poseidon or zeus

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poseidon - i love his vibes, seems like a chill dude. one of the only greek gods (not goddesses) that i stan

hades or demeter

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hades - my emo king. if i was straight i would be in love with this man. the vibes are immaculate

hephaestus or ares

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hephaestus - idk why everybody hates him, he gives off crusty old man with a heart of gold vibes and i love it. i would definitely trust him to hold my drink at a party.

apollo or artemis

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artemis - such a dynamic duo and i stan them both but my lesbian queen holds a special place in my heart

What would you be the God(dess) of?

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goddess of troubled youth - i mean theres a goddess of youth but someone needs to stand up for the misunderstood kids, misguided teenagers and overall just young people trying to figure out who they are

What would be your patron animal?

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ferret/weasel - they're mischievous but cute, vicious but they look harmless. overall the vibes just match those of a teenager whose given up on adults.

What city would you be the patron of?

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plaka - google told me it was a cute place and i blindly trust google

What would be your symbol?

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wildflowers - there is no better symbol of troubled youth, i mean come on.