Hello lovelies


Happy Summer 2020!

Although this summer certainly doesn't look like what most of us would have expected, I just wanted to take a minute to re-circulate the appreciation for summer itself!

Right now, a lot of things have been uncertain, disappointing, and sometimes, even difficult or frightening. But despite it all there is so much good stuff we can still count on! This is the important thing to remember.

Below, I've compiled a list of some of my favorite things about summer,
things that cannot be cancelled

- they will either stay or return, no matter what's going on out there in the world!

So get inspired, try some of these favorites, or figure out your own!

happy Sunshine Days everyone. Enjoy!


*Sidewalk chalk
*Run through your backyard sprinkler/hose
*Outdoor swimming (lakes, creeks, backyard pool...) - depending on where you live

art, pink, and trendy image Image by Private User irrigation system, lawn sprinklers, and sprinkler system image summer, aesthetic, and water image

*Picking fresh, ripe berries!
*Star-gazing under a clear sky
*Outdoor sleeps (tent, sleeping bag, hammock... backyard or camping!
*Make a homemade mason-jar or paper latern

strawberry, food, and fruit image stars, night, and sky image nature, sea, and camping image latern, beautiful, and night time image

*Hikes/walks out in nature
*Slip n' Slide at home
*Make a summery recipe (lemonade, iced tea, fruit salad, whatever you like!)
*Watch the sun set

hiking, mountains, and summer image fun and slip-n-slide image chilled, drinks, and homemade image aesthetic, evening, and night image

*Climb a tree
*Reading in the sunshine
*Creative photography
*Write, blog, paint... all the arts!

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*Winding roads through the mountains
*Sunny Days
*Listening to/discovering your favorite indie tapes
*The forest

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*The ocean
*Listening to the rain safe in your tent or car
*Watching vintage films with friends or family
*Whispering secrets in the dark

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The Little Things
String lights
Cold drinks
Staying up late
Mini Dance Parties

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That's my list for now!

There are still a lot more things we can enjoy without interruption! Let me know if you think of any! Love you all.