NAME | Thalia (Katherine, before W.C.K.D.)
NICKNAMES | Queen, Blodreina
AGE | 17 years old
GROUP | Group A
STATUS | Alive
TYPE | Immune


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face claim // Marie Avgeropoulos


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Most of the time, Thalia is a positive and patient girl, but when someone makes her lose her patience, she becomes extremely angry and aggressive. But Thalia also tends to be a little bit innocent and sensitive, which is a defect in relation to her feelings. However, this does not make it any less powerful than it actually is.


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Thomas (twin brother). When they were children, the two were sent to W.C.K.D. by the mother so they can be safe. When they grew up, the two became scientists at W.C.K.D., but the two planned to escape from them along with Teresa. But Thalia ended up being caught, her memory was erased and she was sent to Glade, this resulted in the separation of the brothers. When Thomas was sent to Glade months after Thalia, the girl felt she knew him from somewhere, even though she didn't remember.


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Lucille (best friend). The two were sent to Glade together, and they were the first girls there. Since then, they have always been very close. They have never parted and always supported each other when something goes wrong. Thalia considers Lucille as a younger sister.
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Bill (frenemy). Thalia and Bill have always had a "rivalry" in the Glade. The two were constantly seen fighting each other, to prove that neither was weak. This resulted in a complicated and competitive friendship.
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Louis (bi buddy). The two met after Thomas's group left the desert. Louis was with Brenda and Archie, and Thalia didn't trust them. Over time, especially after the Crank party, the two discovered some things in common, such as their bisexuality and the fact that the two could not forget old passions. Over time the two became Bi Buddies.
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Sonya (friend). Since they met, the two became great friends, and Thalia even helped Sonya get to know Bill better, with whom the girl was beginning to fall in love.


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Gally (boyfriend). Since Thalia arrived at the Glade, Gally has always pestered her for being a girl. The two began to have a hateful relationship, but that was just to hide the love they both felt. As time passed, they both left a little aside and they fell in love. But when Thomas arrived at the Glade and Thalia started spending more time with him, Gally became extremely jealous, and after several events in the Labyrinth, when Gally killed Chuck and Minho "killed" him, Thalia saw her ex-boyfriend die in her arms. In The Scorch Trials, Thalia tried to forget Gally in every way, and she even kissed Louis at the Crank party, but she imagined she was kissing Gally, proving she couldn't forget him. In The Death Cure, Thalia and the others discover that Gally is alive and with the Right Arm. At first she had a hard time accepting that her ex-boyfriend was alive, but with them returning to spend time together and fighting on the same side, Thalia and Gally went back to dating at Safe Heaven.