my top biases

huang renjun

-his curiosity ( alien conspiracies! )
-his eye smile
-when he smiles like :]

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-vocal king (soothing voice in general)
-he can be brutally honest, but that's his charm
-shows affection in his own, special way >:)
-he watches/draws moomin + likes moomin cafe

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-pretty feet..
-appreciates details
-that cute mark on his hand
-intelligent/very well-spoken (throws random thoughts/facts out)

renjun and nct image

-may look delicate, but is always willing to fight back
-strives to be his best
-most angelic face i've ever seen

nct dream and renjun image

-could probably fit in my pocket
-likes to color/ draw even though he says he isn’t any good (i think otherwise)
-his small dimples
-he practices ballet
so basically..

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huang renjun is best boy

jeon jungkook

dear guk, moon boy, and my star sweeper..
you were my first ever bias and will always, forever n ever have a special place in my heart. you are absolutely and certainly the dorkiest boy i've ever laid eyes upon. did you know that you make me want to hang the moon n stars for you over and over again? you may wonder why i call you moon boy. well, i have called you that ever since discovering that there are actual stars in your eyes!! so keep sprinkling your cosmic dust across the universe, as you continue to disclose us your beautiful influences to this world.

-cute quirks like tilting his head to the side and poking his tongue to his cheek when he’s thinking
-stars in his eyes

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-his duality!!

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-his adorable laugh
-never seems to give up
-vocals are heavenly and always make me so feel safe
-bunny smile
-strong dancer
-his rap lines hehe

byun baekhyun
(update later)

chwe hansol
(update later)