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Timothee Chalamet ♡ black and gold speckled spaghetti strap floor length dress with high leg split, hand held black mini bag, black slip on heels
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Jacob Elordi ♡ golden yellow silk draped chest detail flowy floor length dress, gold dior bracelet, white dainty ankle strap kitten heels
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Bradley Cooper ♡ white sheer tulle layered one shoulder gown, clear pointed toe heels, simple pearl stud earrings
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Ian Somerhalder ♡ deep green super deep v with centred gathered detailing, white clutch, big diamond engagement ring, chanel stud earrings
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Harry Styles ♡ strapless pear coloured high split floor length dress, white hand held mini bag, egg shell slip on heels
Image by Aaaurélie S. chanel, fashion, and bag image earrings, gold, and chanel image Temporarily removed
Michele Morrone ♡ black velvet bustier shoulder strap dress with a high slit, matching black velvet chanel hand held mini bag, chanel stud earrings
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Shawn Mendes ♡ crystal blue sweetheart neckline with clear puff sleeves and cinderella tulle skirt, dangle crystal earrings, baby blue strappy heels
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Milo Ventimiglia ♡ black strapless sweetheart feathered gown with dramatic train, simple gold chunk hoops, simple gold band hoops with small diamonds
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Chris Pine ♡ strapless bodycon black dress with a leg split, long black gloves, pearl choker, black heels with pearl detailing, black chanel clutch