The Lumleys are an old royal bloodline and the origin lies in their position as the Earls of Scarborough.
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Flora Lumley is the second eldest daughter of Patrick and Lucia Lumley.
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Flora is born on the 6th of June therefore her zodiac sign is Gemini.


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With her father being a pureblood from an old royal bloodline and her mother being a Half-Veela, she is a Half-Blood and Quarter-Veela
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She has an older sister, Aurora and younger twin siblings, Aurelia and Aurelius.

Name Origin

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Flora is the Roman goddess of flowers and spring.


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She has brown long (waist length) wavy hair and green eyes. Her height is about 1,83m and her physique is actually quite normal.


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Flora is an outgoing talkative person. She is most likely an outdoor and nature lover with an extroverted and charming nature.


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Knee-length skirts combined with t-shirts are mostly her go-to style. Otherwise, she wears mostly dresses of light materials. Both styles have mostly flower patterns or embroideries and are combined with Vans and fancy socks.
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Colour Palette: Pastel colours in general bust mostly violet, light blue, pink, turquoise, orange and light green


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In her free time, she reads a lot or is playing her instrument alongside her sibling and whenever Flora is at home she is outside in the near Forrest or horse riding.


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She learnt to play the Cello from an old family friend and her mother taught her to play the Guitar

Different capabilities

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She got trained in legilimentic by her mother at a young age. Flora has a high toxic tolerance and has a green thumb.


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She got sorted into Slytherin, in 1992


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12" of Pear Wood and a Unicorn Hair Core


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An Aegean Cat named after the Roman goddess of hope, Spes


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Her family being atrociously murdered

Mirror of Erised

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A Wedding in a big Greenhouse


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Wildflowers, Summer Rain, Ocean Air

Best Friends

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Luna, Ginny, Draco


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Favourite Class

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Charms and Care of Magical Creatures

Favourite Teacher

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Favourite Spells

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Aqua Eructo
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Expecto Patronum
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Wingardium Leviosa


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She asks whenever she doesn't understand something and often things in pictures or diagrams.
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When it comes to partner or group work Flora is responsible for the organisation and is called the group mom.
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Flora's talkative manner gets her in trouble sometimes but surprisingly Snape seems to ignore that for most of all times.

Yule Ball

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Flora wears a turquoise-pastel dress with a tulle petticoat and floral embroidery.
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She combines her dress with Silver Pumps and a Silver Clutch.
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She styled her Hair as an Updo with white flowers in it.
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For Makeup Flora choose a light silverish eyeshadow and silver nail polish.
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Flora went with a Beauxbaton guy called Frederick, she asked him out when she saw him and his friends sitting at the lake. They danced all night long and stayed until the very end. The official story says that they both went into their beds but the hickeys and bitemarks are telling a different story.

Triwizard Tournament

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She went to every task and dragged Aurora with her. She rooted for Viktor Krum and even made some bets on whether or not he would win. It would be an understatement to say that she followed the Tournament eagerly and with excitement. When Harry appeared with Cedric's corpse Flora felt numb and was in such an extreme state of shock that Aurelius needed to slap her in the face.

Umbridge Era

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Like her sister Aurora, she joined the DA and used her position as a Slytherin student to gain some useful books for Defence against the Dark Arts, because she doubted that Snape would tell Umbridge that one of his Slytherin students actively disobeyed her and her rules.

Snape Era

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While Aurora resisted the Carrows on a daily basis. She helped to hide students from them and again used her position as a Slytherin student to get books just like in the Umbridge Era.
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When Aurora got injured by Amicus Carrow she spent most of her free time next to her sister's bed in the hospital wing and read her some stories their mother read to them as children.

Battle of Hogwarts

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During the first half of the battle, she fought somewhere between the great hall and the courtyard.
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After that, she treated the wounded and stayed in the great hall when the battle continued.
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Like Aurora she refused to kill Deatheaters but after seeing all the corpses and treating the wounded she was filled with rage and used the Cruciatus Curse on at least 4 Deatheaters.


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She always wanted to work with Magical Creatures or Flowers so she started studying Magizoology and worked part-time in a Floristry.

Future Events

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Flora and Frederick met again in Summer after the Battle of Hogwarts.
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Aurora and Jean had planned a big reunion along with some other Beauxbaton students.
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Flora and Frederick spend the whole evening with wine and deep conversations.
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It needed the next following days and Aurora's constant remarks about the sudden appearance of hickeys to let Flora and Frederick admit their feelings for each other.
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It was the start for their relationship and after approximately 3 years he proposed to her and they married 2 years after the engagement.
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The Wedding was held in France at a vineyard and the original ceremony was in a big greenhouse. Aurora, Aurelia, Luna and Ginny were her bridesmaids and Aurelius was her best man.
Misses Sarah
Misses Sarah