Last week was weird, no kpop article... THAT HAVE NEVER HAPPENED. but we are back my dear person, WE ARE BACK ๐Ÿ‘

*i wanted to do the round of applause joke but it's getting old... BUT IM YOUNG *


Aaaaanyways, for the ones that don't know, my life has a summary of three words, books, music, school. Is short, is okay, is great. And in general, the 99% of my articles are about korean people... problem? NO. But last week a inspiration of being a normal human being came to me and i made some decent articles... that's great xd

some of them:

I generally post three per week and with my beautiful team in which i collab other three... (@whianonymous GO AND GIVE SOME LOVE PEOPLE) so...let's start this week with my favorite topic, my cats favorite topic: Your personal clown (me) suffering over memorizing names... what's that? Stanning groups in kpop....

Let's do ThIiIiiSsSsSs

Image by โ™กsแดกแด‡แด‡แด› ษดแดแด›สœษชษดษขโ™ก Seventeen and ot13 image

also me: Stan NCT, 21 members is not that much.

Okaaaaaay, like, i started memorizing names... today... and do i know 5? no. 4? no. 3? maybe 2? yeah... (wonwoo and s.coups)

My process is slow people, i watch guides, then i create pinterest things, then i add 100 pins in each of that things and then all night hearing their music.


meme, reaction, and crying image cat, kitty, and memes image

But it's alright... my main motivation? A youtube girl that draw really cute things of seventeen and i want to recognize who is who...

I'm an idiot i know sorry xd

Image removed kpop, yves, and chuu image

LOONA... my dear 12 girl thing... MHMHMHMHM, okay. Let's get this clear, is Chuu one of my ultimate female bias even tho i didn't stan LOONA till like today?


I listen their music since their debut, BUT i don't know the 12 members name... Olivia Hye, Chuu and... and my brain doesn't know mORE I'M SORRY.

I have their pinterest thing but my memory DOES NOT WORK, so i'm learning again jsj.

Chan, too, and minsu image Chan, too, and minsu image

I did not stan them before AND IT HAS A REASON (really stupid btw). Sooooo, if you are new to kpop, you probably don't know about the X1 scandal.

It was a rookie band that was created by produce 101? I'm not quite sure. So, they MADE AN AMAZING SONG (they just made like one... i laugh because if i don't i will cry jsjsjsjs... smiling through pain) but they discover a thing in the program (produce 101 or whatever) and bye bye X1.

meme, sad, and crying image meme, cat, and mood image
sorry for the memes xd

Did i loved X1? YEAH, I DID. All the members where my babies and it was horrible, pain, pain pain.

So, in this band some of the members of X1 are here, AND I JUST CAN'T IM SORRY.

but i will try....

Image by Jeon DanKook gif and everglow kpop image

EVERGLOW DDUNDUDNUDUDUDNU *chaos by me, you are welcome *

Soooo, I listen to a lot of music and most of the time i don't know who is the singer...jsjs sorry, DUN DUN by everglow is one of the best comebacks in this year, my will to live, everything.

But i didn't know the members names....



And that was ittttt. It's short i know, but my idiotness gave me headache and i need to sleep... Okay no, i have headache but i just will take care of my plants and be happy with them (don't mind me)

As always, lovely person that reads this, drink water, take care of your plants and take care of yourseeeelf.

My annoying self is going now, bYYyYYyeEeEeEe