I don't wanna live a thousand years , if i just live through today , that'll be enough ace

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As long as we’re alive, we have to continue fighting. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a shinobi or a regular person. Wielding a kunai or wielding banknotes, it’s the same thing. The very fact of living itself means you’re always fighting for your life. kakashi

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A person who cannot give up anything , can change nothing ~armin ~

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If you don’t like the hand that fate’s dealt you with, fight for a new one

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Moving on doesn't mean you have to forget about things. It just means you have to accept what's happened and continue living ~erza ~

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That's right ! don't worry about what other people think . hold your head up high and plung forward ~midoriya

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There is one way to live life , and that is without regrets ~ace ~

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Power isn't determined by your size, but the size of your heart and dreams ~luffy ~

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This world is cruel ... but it's also beautiful

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Belive in yourslef and nothing can stop you ~sailor venus / minako ~

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The true power of us human beings is that we can change ourselves on our own saitama

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Take it, that courage you have locked in your heart. Awaken it, wipe your tears, be strong and use that courage. ~erza ~

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