On July 5 2020, day of the Lunar Eclipse, the Moon Goddess - suddenly- is surrounded by a magical door in bright, light orange color. An immense energy starts flowing from there. A fascinating moment! I am admiring the moon goddess and this mysterious door, there, on my terrace, getting completely absorbed by this spectacle.

All of a sudden, I am receiving the message: "Take back your power". Yes, this is the symbolism of this door! I feel a great energy shift. A little bit later, I start painting, surrounded by the energy waves of this special Full Moon Day..The energies continue circulating and circulating, I am happy when I finished the artwork, a unique creation of deep symbolic meaning and empowerment!

Therefore, this painting is not meant just for decorating your room. You are invited to embark on a visual meditation adventure. Realize the areas of your life where you have been giving your power away. Even, if you are not completely aware, your subconsciousness knows the answer. Let the Moon Gate help you taking back your power. You can use this affirmation: "I take back my power now". While looking at the painting, say it at least 3 - 9 times. Breathe slowly and deeply.

For this painting ( and my other paintings as well), I only use self-made natural colors.
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